Workfront exceeds expectations at Calor Gas by transforming how people work.


  • Using traditional ways to manage change.
  • Needed to begin digital transformation at the company.
  • First ever PMO office was being created.


  • Digital transformation started within the first month of using Workfront.
  • One report that used to take 3 days to produce now takes a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Collaboration and transparency create efficiencies and improved performance.

Customisation and positive reviews from other clients led them to Workfront.

After considering a range of options, Simon found Workfront offered a totally customisable solution for Calor Gas’ processes and methodology. The functionality in Workfront was exactly what Simon wanted in a PPM—coupled with unparalleled support and services for the optimum implementation required of a brand new PMO office.

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Calor Gas is part of SHV Energy, a global family of LPG companies with a turnover exceeding €5 billion and providing LPG to tens of millions of customers in 27 countries.

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