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Agile Marketing Survey: 5 Findings that Took Us By Surprise

Agile marketing. Everybody is talking about it. But despite all the claims and questions around Agile, so much of how marketers are using work management methodologies has remained shrouded in mystery. Earlier this year, for instance, we knew that many of our customers were using Agile—or at least, elements of it—to successfully organize and execute their work and get campaigns out faster. But we wanted to know more, like: Exactly how many marketers use Agile to manage their work? What other methodologies are marketers using to manage work? What makes some marketing teams pass on Agile while others embrace it? To get the answers... Read More

Agile Methodology for Marketers: A Brief History

When I first heard the buzz phrase, "Agile methodology," I honestly didn’t find it too revolutionary. I assumed it was a self explanatory phrase that meant you’ve gotta be quick and nimble and willing to change plans. I thought, “Has there ever been a time when that wasn’t the goal of a company?” Not until I joined Workfront, whose product supports Agile practices, did I learn that the Agile methodology is in fact a specific approach to work very different from traditional frameworks. It has its own manifesto and set of principles—and virtually every software development team has adopted it, with marketing... Read More

Is Agile Right For Me? A Q&A Session With a Workfront Product Manager

Agile work processes are top of mind for many marketing and enterprise teams now, but several questions remain: Is Agile right for me and my team? How do I know? How do I start the process to transition to an Agile team? Am I able to adopt Agile in phases or do I have to prepare to adopt everything at the same time? We recently had a chance to chat with one of our product managers, Nick McCleery, about how Workfront can help teams adopt Agile in a way that suits them - without requiring an “all or nothing” investment in the overhead required... Read More

What is Agile Marketing? (and why you should care)

Logan Mallory
Logan Mallory

Occasionally, Workfront will discover an article or an author that aligns with our internal mission of making work more effective and enjoyable. Industry expert Andrea Fryrear has some fantastic insights into Agile Marketing and they are worth sharing as a guest post on our blog. Thanks to Andrea for sharing her point of view on the topic! "Agile marketing" is admittedly a sexy buzzword, but it's one that actually lives up to its reputation. Departments that are truly agile enjoy rapid, continuous growth, have more satisfied employees, and adapt readily to external fluctuations. At its core, agile marketing is a tactical marketing... Read More

What is Agile Marketing and Why Should You Care About It?

Whether or not you’ve ever known what it’s called, you’ve likely been following Waterfall project management processes for most of your career. This traditional methodology involves up-front planning followed by sequential execution on the plan, from step A to step Z. If you’re constructing a bridge, this method works great. Why? Because you can envision exactly what you’re building and how it’s going to function before you begin. And you know the precise need the project will fulfill: helping people cross a river at a particular juncture. But for marketers and software engineers who work with code and pixels rather than concrete... Read More

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