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Poor Organization: 5 Ways It Can Be Fatal For Your Company

Neat freak. OCD. Anal retentive. These are the labels we reserve for people who are overtly organized, and, let’s face it, they’re not very nice. In society and media, villains are often portrayed as organization-obsessed killjoys and autocrats. Heroes nowadays are typically disheveled and charmingly disorganized—even once-clean cut Superman is now sporting some serious scruff. The underlying message here is plain: organization is bad, disorganization is virtuous. But what do we have against organized people and organization in general? Organized people make the rest of us feel self-conscious about our organizational shortcomings. Well-thought out systems make our dinky, slapped-together spreadsheets look bad. So we eye... Read More

Why Email and Spreadsheets Rock (and Why So-Called Work Management Solutions Can Suck It)

On May 11, I finally reached my boiling point. That was the day I happened upon Robert Oscanyan’s weblog posting “Disadvantages of Email and Spreadsheets.” Given that Oscanyan works for Workfront, notorious purveyor of so-called “work management solutions,” he was already highly suspect. But it’s really his comments—in their shockingly glib shortsightedness— about email and spreadsheets that really got my blood boiling. Convinced of their superiority on this point—and in the “spirit of healthy discourse”—Workfront has unwisely allowed me this weblog posting to rebut Oscanyan’s comments. (And I’m sure this has nothing to do with promoting the upcoming webinar debate between Oscanyan... Read More