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Project Management Leadership Secret: Nurture Effective Communication

We recently reached out to 40 top Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) professionals and asked them to respond to the following prompt: “Please share a remarkable leadership secret that had a major impact on an enterprise project you have managed. Please tell the story and the results that you achieved.” Today we highlight the response of Michael Kaplan, founder and CEO of SoftPM. When it comes to organizational project management, communications is a critical component that, when executed properly, links all project stakeholders to a common set of goals and actions. If project managers (PM’s) do not effectively share these basic... Read More

Is It Time to Clean Out Your Marketing Tool Shed?

Does your marketing department suffer from what we like to call, "marketing tool whiplash?" Marketing teams often use so many different marketing tools to manage their work and time (many teams use more than 10!) that they get whiplash from having to switch back and forth between tools so often. Does this sound familiar? If so, maybe it's time to clean out your marketing tool shed. Your marketing tool shed is bursting at the seams Your data is a mess and it’s time to take care of it. Some of it is stored in marketing tools like Excel spreadsheets, some in Google docs,... Read More

Creative Project Management: How to Prove the Value of Your Creative Team

When it comes to creative project management, value is the one thing every creative team should be focused on. Proving the value of an in-house creative team is about making sure that your writers and designers are always working on the right work. It's pulling reports and data. It's showing executives that your creative team really does add value to the company. Unfortunately, when all of your work is kept in different tools and your collaboration is out of context, finding the information you need can be a lot like feeling around in the dark for the light switch. When work... Read More

How to Use Agile for Marketing Project Management

As part of our "Greatest Hits" series, we bring you articles by our executives that have appeared in other publications across the Web. For your enjoyment, this week we present "A Beginner's Guide to Agile for Marketing Teams," which was written by Workfront CMO Bryan Nielson and originally appeared on Business2Community. If you're thinking of using Agile methodology in your marketing project management, you're going to want to read this. Marketers & the Agile Methodology If you’ve been halfway tapped into the marketing zeitgeist lately, you’ve seen this phrase: Agile marketing. Everybody’s talking about it as the “next thing in marketing.” It even... Read More

JIT Communication: Status, Updates, and More Status Updates

In ancient Rome, status updates were vital to the rapid growth of the empire. Roads enabled the communication of critical intelligence and orders from Rome to distant parts of the empire—and equally important, the transmission of status and updates from outlying areas back to the centers of power.1 Messengers became imperative as they ferried information back and forth, ensuring that the goals and strategy of Rome were achieved. And as Rome extended its borders, this need for continual status updates became even more pressing.2 (To see more on how bad project communication has impacted civilization, take a gander at our... Read More

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