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4 Failures Professional Services PMs Need to Avoid Like the Plague

The world of professional services is undergoing a fairly radical change: it’s shifting from a focus on one-time, custom engagements to more predictable, fixed-cost projects. Why? Because reinventing the wheel is expensive. And in today’s competitive business environment, it’s all about maximizing a good thing. While there will always be a place for the delivery of custom services, there are tremendous economies of scale to be realized—not to mention process consistency and increased levels of customer satisfaction—when a good formula is put to use, again and again. In fact, recent research by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) indicates that... Read More

How Email Contributes to the Illusion of Productivity Email is a bottomless pit where productivity goes to die. [caption id="attachment_8973" align="alignright" width="355"] The bottomless pit of email[/caption] Don’t believe me? Consider this example: It’s common in the workplace to hear the phrase, “Let me email that to you again so it’s at the top of your list,” from a coworker who needs something from you. The problem with this phrase is that email won’t be at the top of your inbox list for long. Your current top priority might not be their top priority and, even if you do see the email, it... Read More

10 Thank You Notes From Your Marketing Creative Team from Workfront In-house creative teams have an often thankless job. Based on requests that come to them in every medium, they’re charged with organizing and coming up with brilliant, original, clutter-piercing material quarter after quarter. While they’re juggling all that, they also have to absorb the ad hoc grenades thrown their way—requests for Sales team t-shirt designs, an exec’s kid’s birthday party decorations, that sort of thing. And they handle it all with grace and skill. But even the most seasoned creative team has a few... Read More

Project Failure: 10 Famous Failures and 5 Ways to Spot Them Before They Happen

Project failure is no stranger to most teams, but there are ways to spot it before it makes headlines. Here are 10 of the most infamous failures ever and how you can spot such failures before they happen… 10. Sony Betamax It was higher quality, but the lower price of VHS-C camcorders and the 40+ companies that decided to run with VHS was just too much. 9. New Coke If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There was nothing wrong with old Coke. 8. Polaroid Instant Home Movies A reputation for standing around shaking a photo that may or may not have come... Read More

Effective Stakeholder Management: 10 Tips for Better Communication

When it comes to stakeholder management, keeping an open and effective line of communication is crucial. A couple of years ago, I stumbled on this list of tips for presenting to stakeholders, which is worth rehashing. Sometimes it seems like a thirty-minute meeting can be over in sixty seconds. Stakeholders sometimes have short attention spans, so if you don’t capture their attention in the first minute or two, they’ll start checking their email and watching the clock or worse—bail on your meeting. Anyone involved in project management work has to deal with sponsors and stakeholders. Having said that, however,... Read More

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