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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"] Source:[/caption] Things change. That is the biggest struggle with doing business, isn’t it? Your plans change when a customer or client changes their mind. Maybe once-reliable market conditions get warped with some new announcement, throwing your whole product line out of whack. Luckily, not everything is a bad change. The workforce—and workplace—is also evolving. So as tech progresses and makes some traditional project management approaches not quite as effective as they once were, never fear: you and your organization can easily follow the new best practices and get back on the horse. Most of current, longstanding project management... Read More


[caption id="attachment_8219" align="alignleft" width="220"] The Road to Functional Health Information Exchanges are Treacherous[/caption] In my last post, “Healthcare’s Creative Destruction & the Project Manager” I mentioned that I would outline Health Information Exchanges and what a project manager should know about the current state of this local, state and federal initiatives.  Why is this topic so important?  In the scale of software development and database integration, few projects like the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) have been so sweeping in scope; no matter the industry. One facet that defines the scope of this massive effort is the dollars spent.  The Affordable Care... Read More

Project Management: How Does Setting Expectations Avoid Project Failure?

Like floating in a life raft with 100 little holes poked in it, mismanaging team and stakeholder expectations on a project will lead to sinking before it ever has a chance to really get anywhere. Those who manage work and projects on a daily basis know expectation management is a key part of the work process which often gets poorly communicated, brushed aside, or confused with requirements management. Why? There are a number of reasons: because there is a looming deadline, because it seems easier, because it’s not an official part of the process. Or, it could be because the project... Read More

How to Manage Requirements for Project Success

For most of my life, I dreamed of being an architect. I’m a creative to the core and in high school I loved my art, drafting, AutoCAD, and architectural drawing classes. But I was really only interested in the drawing and design part of it. In reality, there were many things I never considered about architecture like how much math was going to be involved and all of the logistics. I had never thought a thing about the necessity of designing solid foundations for the structures I was designing which is basically construction 101. In order to build a sturdy... Read More

Successful Project Management: How to Manage Stakeholders

I love project management folks. We're doers. In an environment where so many people are happy to talk about stuff, we're the ones making sure stuff actually gets done. We have our list of tasks, other's tasks, and so on, and that's what we live or die by. This makes us the action heroes of the business world, but it also makes us a little** blind to the other forces** that influence the success or failure of our projects. I'm talking about stakeholders, people! We've all had experiences in which, regardless of how well the project was going, a... Read More

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