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Project Planning Best Practices

Project planning is tricky on a corporate creative team. Too little planning causes chaos and frustration; and too much planning causes a lot of administrative work and not enough time for creative work. Ultimately, the planning stage of the creative workflow determines how smoothly your projects move through the creative process, which is why it’s so important to spend some time at the beginning of a project and get your planning right. In the larger scheme of a typical creative team’s workflow, project planning follows the request stage, where, ideally, a traffic manager or creative director receives all incoming work requests... Read More

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

As if there weren’t enough tension already between Millennials and Baby Boomers, our recent State of Enterprise Work report shows a big gap between how these generations view each other vs. how they view themselves. In a survey of 617 individuals who work at large enterprises (500+ employees), we asked each generation to rank themselves and each other in 12 key areas, from “hardest workers” to “biggest roadblocks.” (Now we’re kind of wishing we had asked who would win in a cage fight, who are the best drivers, and who has the best taste in music. Maybe next year.) Wondering which generation... Read More

Workplace Communication Tips for More Effective Status Meetings

Ah, the dreaded status meeting. That unfruitful, monotonous, redundant, relentless beast that inspires brief bursts of productivity directly before the meeting (so team members have something to report on), but that often results in a dozen or more highly paid individuals sitting around a conference table recounting, one by one, the tasks they accomplished last week. So much for forward momentum. Why do status meetings have such a bad rap? The reasons are many, but primary among them is the fact that most team members are juggling more than one project at any given time. If each of those projects... Read More

Business Email Etiquette: 7 Annoying Habits You Should Stop Right Now

Business Email Etiquette from Workfront Recent statistics show that the average corporate worker sent and received 110 emails per day on average in 2010, and the numbers have likely only climbed since then. Sound overwhelming? It is. A recent poll of top marketers reveals that 63 percent of marketers consider overflowing email inboxes one of their top four work inefficiencies. According to IT research and consulting firm BaseX, if all knowledge workers sent 10 percent fewer emails, it would have a $180 billion annual impact worldwide in the workplace. But high volume isn’t the only email problem faced in... Read More

Video Blog: Campaign refresh and the power of sticking with what's working

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: Creative marketing teams have some traits that seem to be woven through their DNA. One of those traits is constantly looking for the next big thing, always going after what's that next thing that's gonna go viral. Yet sometimes that can be a disservice to the success of a marketing team. Let me give you an example. Several years ago, Taco Bell introduced a campaign, cute little Chihauhau, catchy phrase that went along with it. "Yo quiero Taco Bell." And they launched it worldwide. It was a huge success. It was very, very memorable. But what happened is the... Read More

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