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3 Things We Learned From Content Marketers at CM World

Shelbi Gomez
Shelbi Gomez

Once a year some of the best and brightest in the field of content marketing converge to the Content Marketing World conference to learn from leading marketers from around the world. This year the conference brought in over 3,000 content marketers and Workfront was right there in the thick of it all to ask what some of the biggest productivity challenges are for content marketers. Some of the answers might surprise you, and others might leave you feeling somewhat sad. Here are 3 of the results that really stood out to me: 1. Email must die: 38% of content marketers stated... Read More

How In-House Creative Teams Can Improve the Client Experience

In-house creative services teams often feel they are treated like a fast food drive thru—where customers want service fast, cheap, and satisfying. I use this comparison often when writing about corporate creative teams because the data keeps proving it’s true. A 2015 survey report shows that 72 percent of in-house creative leaders listed client behaviors as one of their greatest challenges. And a recent study published by Workfront shows that over 50 percent of marketers struggle with client relationships. Usually when I write about this topic, I defend the creative team and offer tips on how to avoid being treated like a... Read More

5 Tips to Improve Agency-Client Relationships

So, How is that agency-client relationship going? According to a recent infographic produced by RPA and USA Today for the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, there’s room for major improvement in the areas of trust and communication. This is ironic, considering that marketing and creative professionals build their entire careers on their ability to communicate. A majority of clients (56%) say agencies seem more interested in “selling” their ideas than solving their problems. And while 77% of clients say they view their agencies as partners rather than vendors, only 54% of agencies believe they are viewed this way. Here are a... Read More

Let the Digital Proofing Party Begin

What’s the big deal about digital proofing solutions for marketing and creative teams? Just ask the 300 creatives who responded to our survey at this year’s HOW Design conference. Nearly a third of them say approvals halt the creative process, sometimes for weeks. Another 47% consider reviews and approvals painful. Possibly because they’re still living in the proof-stamp dark ages. Remember this? [] Image source: Traffic Patterns blog, 2009 In the olden days (pre-2007), creatives had no other choice but to circulate multiple copies of proofs in manila folders with red pens, each marked with a “proof stamp” for each stakeholder to initial... Read More

Big DAM News for Creative Teams

Listen up, creative and marketing teams. Emails and messages like the following are about to become a relic of the past: “Hey, can you email me the latest headshot of our CEO? I’m not sure which one is approved for use in this campaign.” “Does anyone know if the red or the blue banner is the final one approved by the client?” “Are we missing any stakeholder approvals on new homepage design?” Why? Because there’s a new DAM tool in town. Workfront is excited to unveil a new DAM (digital asset management) solution that makes... Read More

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