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What Animated Penguins Can Teach Us About Synchronous Work Communication

When team members are located in different zip codes, time zones, and countries—a trend that is continually on the rise—regular face-to-face work communication becomes all but impossible. This type of “synchronous collaboration” is automatic and happens throughout the day when employees share a workspace. But when employees are spread out geographically, synchronous collaboration must take place through video and audio conference calls that, more often than not, start out a little something like this: Yes, it sometimes feels like talking to your parents. While even the most powerful work management software can’t solve your Skype audio issues or prevent super-villain octopi from... Read More

Slideshare Highlights Dangers of Phone Misuse in the Office, Game of Thrones-Style

Does phone misuse by your co-workers have you on the verge of taking up the sword to restore sanity to your workplace? Workfront's newest Slideshare presentation imagines every office's telephonic struggle through the lens of one of the most popular, addictive series on TV. Game of Phones: Phone Etiquette (and the Lack Thereof) in the Workplace from Workfront So which house do you belong to? Are the office phone equivalent of Cersei Lannister? Whatever house you claim, we could all get a lot more done by cutting down on all forms of work chaos, including office interruptions,... Read More

4 Tips for Shorter Review-Approval Cycles and Higher On-time Delivery Rates

“Can you make the sandwich more playful?” “I like it. But can the snow look a little warmer?” “We want it to look like this, but don’t copy it, just make it different enough, but keep it the same.” Ridiculous client feedback like this inspired two Irish graphic designers to create a series of posters (see above) that went viral—because it resonated with creative professionals around the world. Among the many challenges creative services teams face, endless review approval cycles with stakeholders and clients—whether or not they’re asking for “more images of groups of people having non-specific types of fun”—ranks near the top of... Read More

6 Tips to Conquer Your Workplace Communication Chaos

What kind of emailer are you? Perhaps you’re an email hoarder with zero unread emails, but over 52,000 emails you’ve kept over the years for, you know, sentimental reasons. Or maybe you’re the neat freak with only one unread email out of 50. Heaven forbid you should be the one in email denial with over 20,000 emails in your inbox, 19,999 of which are unread. Whatever your email personality, I think we can all agree on one thing: workplace communication can be a hassle and your heart sinks a little every time you realize that that dent you just made... Read More

What's the Difference Between Creative Directors and Creative Leaders?

Since 2007, Mad Men has given the world a front row seat to the life of a creative director. Lead character, Don Draper, makes being a creative director look easy—even glamorous. And though Draper seems to gain respect from his team due to his natural creative genius, they generally tend to fear and despise him as a person. Personally, I think Don Draper is a great example of how a creative director can be a fantastic director, but a terrible leader. Andrew Lincoln, creative director at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, describes being a creative director in these words: "Basically,... Read More

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