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Poor Organization: 5 Ways It Can Be Fatal For Your Company

Neat freak. OCD. Anal retentive. These are the labels we reserve for people who are overtly organized, and, let’s face it, they’re not very nice. In society and media, villains are often portrayed as organization-obsessed killjoys and autocrats. Heroes nowadays are typically disheveled and charmingly disorganized—even once-clean cut Superman is now sporting some serious scruff. The underlying message here is plain: organization is bad, disorganization is virtuous. But what do we have against organized people and organization in general? Organized people make the rest of us feel self-conscious about our organizational shortcomings. Well-thought out systems make our dinky, slapped-together spreadsheets look bad. So we eye... Read More

Work Organization: 5 Things Keeping You From Getting Your Stuff Together

Throughout my career, I’ve known many superhumans. They have it all: never miss a deadline, show up early to every meeting, constant awards and adoration from the boss...all with a thriving personal life and excellent eating habits. They consistently tell me the same thing—they accomplish what they do because they organize every aspect of their life (one even had spreadsheets to ensure he spent enough quality time with his children). While superhuman status seems unachievable some days, it doesn’t take a lot of change to get there—you just have to overcome common work habits and environmental factors that sabotage organization. Following are... Read More

Mark Schaefer's Guide to Unprecedented Personal Productivity

I do a LOT. I’ve written five books in five years. I give keynote speeches all over the world. A packed consulting schedule requires me to be efficient and at the top of my game each week. I prepare course materials and teach at the graduate level at Rutgers University. I run my own business. I’ve written at least two blog posts a week for eight years, plus creating The Marketing Companion podcast and a host of other content properties … like this one! I also take time out to have fun – I love almost any kind of outdoor activity. And quite frequently, I’m asked how in... Read More

Get Organized: 4 Simple Ways to Keep Creative Projects On-Track

What’s holding you back? It might be how you organize creative projects. Creative teams thrive on flexibility, turning out some of their best work when given the freedom to explore, experiment and push boundaries. But, are there times when too much of a good thing can be, well, too much? In many circumstances, a laissez faire, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach can actually become an obstacle to creativity, and certainly to productivity. Disorganization and lack of structure can be paralyzing, causing even the best teams to become smothered by relentless chaos. A lack of clear direction, continuous rework, too many meetings and not enough uninterrupted... Read More

July is "Organize Your Work" Month

We at Workfront are declaring the month of July “Organize Your Work Month.” It’s not a real holiday, not even in the way that July is National Hot Dog Month, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, and National Blueberry Month. (Today, for the record, is also “Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day.”) Nevertheless, all month long on the Talking Work blog, we’ll be sharing tips and ideas around how to organize work, de-clutter processes, and streamline workflows for the second half of the year. Perhaps inspired by the hotter weather and beckoning vacations, many businesses naturally experience a lull in activity during the summer months.... Read More

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