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Prizefight: Enterprise Work Management vs. Project Portfolio Management

Project and portfolio management (PPM) solutions are almost a dime-a-dozen these days, with literally hundreds on the market to choose from. But there’s a reason there are so many: none provides the complete feature set required to fully manage the demands of enterprise work, leaving plenty of room for new competitors to attempt filling the holes. That means project teams must rely on multiple tools, some of them old and inefficient (like email), or add still more solutions (like collaboration platforms) to fill in the gaps. With all of this “piling on,” traditional project management is actually becoming more complicated... Read More

How Bad Structure Kills Creativity, Productivity and Morale

As part of our "Structure Grows Creativity" project, we asked marketing thought leaders to give us their take on the ongoing "Structure vs. Creativity" debate. This is what Ted Rubin, speaker, strategist, and CMO at Brand Innovators, had to say... For years there has been an ongoing debate about how successful companies are run. How do you balance the need more innovation and creativity in the workplace with structure and control? Can you have both, or do you have to sacrifice one for the other? According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, a whopping 52% of employees today are disengaged... Read More

Slideshare Highlights Dangers of Phone Misuse in the Office, Game of Thrones-Style

Does phone misuse by your co-workers have you on the verge of taking up the sword to restore sanity to your workplace? Workfront's newest Slideshare presentation imagines every office's telephonic struggle through the lens of one of the most popular, addictive series on TV. Game of Phones: Phone Etiquette (and the Lack Thereof) in the Workplace from Workfront So which house do you belong to? Are the office phone equivalent of Cersei Lannister? Whatever house you claim, we could all get a lot more done by cutting down on all forms of work chaos, including office interruptions,... Read More

3 Things We Learned From Our Creatives Survey at HOW Design

This week at HOW Design 2015 in Chicago, Workfront surveyed over 300 designers, copywriters, directors, photographers, and other creatives to determine what a day in the life of a creative looks like. The results of the “Day in the Life of a Creative” Survey highlight some of the biggest pain points plaguing creatives today. Here are the three biggest eye-openers: 1. Nothing brings out the creativity like good company and some fresh air. Creativity is the lifeblood of any creative team (naturally). But under the relentless workloads that creative teams face, actual creativity is always at risk of burnout. So how do... Read More

Greatest Hits: 7 Tips For Leading Meetings More Effectively

As part of our “Greatest Hits” series, we bring you articles by our executives that have appeared in other publications across the web. For your enjoyment, this week we present “Seven Tips for Leading Meetings More Effectively,” which was written by Workfront CEO Eric Morgan and originally appeared on Why do meetings have such a bad rap? Because too many of them are poorly organized, overly long, and rudderless--drifting this way and that according to the moods of the dominant personalities in the room. Even managerial and executive meetings, which should be more effective based on the amount of experience the... Read More

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