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The Science of Being Happier At Work

Does your mood at work really affect your performance? It's hard to argue otherwise. Employees who are unhappy or dissatisfied tend to perform badly at work, while the opposite is also true, as confirmed in the infographic, "How to Be Happier at Work," from training provider Happify. Unfortunately, not all U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs. Perhaps the most sobering stat in the infographic is this one regarding the level of satisfaction among U.S. workers: With nearly half of U.S. workers dissatisfied with their jobs, you begin to wonder what impact that has on workplaces, work teams, and how much... Read More

Workfront and Tripp and Tyler Present: "Email in Real Life"

Email is just a part of doing business. In most workplaces, it is the single most popular way to communicate with co-workers, with 91% of enterprise workers saying they use it, according to Workfront's 2014 State of Enterprise Work Report. Apparently, however, this heavy adoption isn't without a dark side. The same report found that 43% of workers blamed excessive emails for getting in the way of their work. With this dichotomy in mind, we here at Workfront partnered with the ingenious Tripp and Tyler to bring our audience "Email in Real Life" and point fun at some... Read More

Video Blog: Why Wasting Time At Work is a Good Thing

Transcript Title: Why wasting time at work is a good thing Joe Staples: Supervisors and managers are constantly talking about the importance of staying on task, getting work done, but I'm here to talk about why wasting time at work can actually be a good thing. The first and probably most obvious reason is this can help you from getting bored. Staying inside the work, on task, for eight or nine hours can get pretty boring. These diversions, these breaks can actually help break up the day and increase your productivity. Second is, studies show these diversions and breaks can actually help... Read More

The Cost of Disconnected Work in the IT PMO

Sara Guggisberg
Sara Guggisberg
Tags: IT | pmo | status updates

#workinglate, #whatsavacation?, #caseoftheMondays. If you’re a PM and on Twitter or Instagram, you’re probably tempted to put these hashtags into play more than you’d like to admit. If you’re not into the social media thing, you might be wondering what number-sign-working-late means, and if that’s the case, we’ll just move right along. But have you ever considered that the reason you so often find yourself overworked and overwhelmed is that your project management process, the way you and your peers do your work, is a broken one? Today’s project management style was sufficient in the 1950s, when assembly-line workers were needed... Read More

Agency 2016: Plan for Your Best Business Year Ever

Agency life may be a respected and even glamorous endeavor, but running an agency is also a tough, cutthroat, and often thankless job. Agencies no longer reign supreme; there are new sources of competition, shrinking profits, and the revolving door of talent turnover. In-house agencies are on the rise and many online ads are purchased and sold automatically. These changes have drawn away both clients and creative talent, while placing pricing pressure on agencies by clients of all sizes. The ever-changing digital age presents new agency challenges—but the beginning of a new year can be a great time to energize your... Read More

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