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How to Show Time Sucks Who's Boss: Part 2

Welcome back! This is the second post in a two-part series (if you haven’t, go back and read the first one). We’ve already detailed how email and ad hoc work can suck incredible amounts of time from your day. Now, it’s time to wrap up this list with the final three time sucks we all encounter and how to show them who’s boss. 3. MEETINGS (AND PREPARING FOR MEETINGS) The Problem: Not only are workers faced with mountains of email every day and sideswiped by random work requests in the elevator; the number one time suck for employed individuals today is too... Read More

How to Show Time Sucks Who's Boss: Part 1

Shawn Dickerson
Shawn Dickerson

The workplace is riddled with distractions that keep you from staying on task and knocking out your to-do list (see our new infographic "Marketing March Madness: The Top Marketing Inefficiencies"). These time sucks come in many shapes and sizes—everything from the guy who’s walking around the office on his phone to the growing number of emails in your inbox. The workplace is a noisy, busy, distracting place and it’s hard to get things done if you don’t know how to tackle these interruptions. This two-part series will detail five common time sucks and simple fixes you can use to show them who’s boss. 1. EMAIL The... Read More

Infographic: Marketing Madness

Marcus Varner
Marcus Varner

March Madness is specifically designed to drive college hoops fans crazy... in a good way. But today, we'd like to talk about another kind of madness, the kind that comes from inefficiencies in your team's work. Overflowing email inboxes, murky requests, never-ending approval processes--they're enough to get project managers and team members pulling their hair out and searching job sites. And, even if you are getting stuff done, it feels like running up and down the court for two halves without scoring a single basket. Based on a recent survey, our newest infographic shows which work management problems create the biggest challenges... Read More

Project Management Methodologies: A Beginner's Guide

Chances are, you've heard about project management and project management methodologies (PMM), but your knowledge on the topic might end there. What are the different methodologies and how do they help teams work better? What are project management methodologies? With its roots in engineering, construction and military defense projects, project management activities have taken place on an ad-hoc or informal basis for thousands of years. However, it wasn't until the 1950's that formal, disciplined methodologies began to be defined and used in a widespread fashion among organizations. These approaches to managing work are all about specifying the best way to... Read More

IT Project Management for Beginners

Project management plays a significant role in a variety of industries and fields, such as software development, engineering, construction, marketing, research, IT operations and more. So, when we ask “What is IT project management?”, the simple answer is those efforts involved with managing the processes and activities associated with ensuring the success of IT projects or systems management related responsibilities. But it can also include the management of any IT project outside of those types of organizations that deal with IT infrastructure, information systems or computer technology in general. To more fully answer what is at the heart of IT... Read More

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