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Content Marketers’ Secret Superpower

For many content marketers, including myself, routine can be a lifesaver. Case in point: this morning, I am writing this blog post, which will be published this evening. Because I’ve done this hundreds of times before, I have a mental template in my head for this post. Also based on my experience and familiarity, I know that this endeavor will likely take about 1.5 hours of my day. This means I can finish it before lunch, with plenty of time left in the day for my blog manager to proofread, format, and set it to publish. Most importantly, because of this familiarity,... Read More

Why Your To‐Do List is the Enemy

There’s nothing like the exhilarating feeling of checking off another task on your “to do” list! I’ve seen people actually nod and smile to themselves at their desk when getting another check in a box. Yes, you’ve done it! I can almost hear the parade being thrown. We’re Busier Than Ever Before ‐ AND We’re Failing More Often In a recent survey I conducted of all the owners and business people who give me their time and attention, the number one and number two concerns/obstacles to people’s success were listed as follows: Focus ‐ I’m having trouble finding the time to do... Read More

What is Agile Marketing? (and why you should care)

Logan Mallory
Logan Mallory

Occasionally, Workfront will discover an article or an author that aligns with our internal mission of making work more effective and enjoyable. Industry expert Andrea Fryrear has some fantastic insights into Agile Marketing and they are worth sharing as a guest post on our blog. Thanks to Andrea for sharing her point of view on the topic! "Agile marketing" is admittedly a sexy buzzword, but it's one that actually lives up to its reputation. Departments that are truly agile enjoy rapid, continuous growth, have more satisfied employees, and adapt readily to external fluctuations. At its core, agile marketing is a tactical marketing... Read More

How to Manage Multiple Projects

Trying to manage multiple content marketing projects at one time can be a nightmare. On the same day I’m writing this post, I’ve spent time creating a presentation for our internal sales team, finalizing a storyboard for a tight-deadline video, reviewing the layout of a 30-page thought-leadership guide, updating asset folders in our DAM, and working with IT to fix an issue with my login credentials. And it’s not even noon. Surely the description of my morning isn’t far from what you experience daily. And you and I both know that some days are even crazier than what I’ve described. This is... Read More

What Type of Manager Are You?

Logan Mallory
Logan Mallory
Tags: manager | quiz | tips

No matter your role in your company, it's a smart idea to ask from time to time: "What type of manager are you?" Managers have an indisputable effect on our work experiences. And whether that experience is good or bad often depends on our higher-ups' management style. Since everyone is manager on some level or another, the question of management style has universal relevance. In the workforce, we’ve all experienced working for different management styles. Each manager brings their skills and strengths to the job, setting... Read More

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