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Why Email and Spreadsheets Rock (and Why So-Called Work Management Solutions Can Suck It)

On May 11, I finally reached my boiling point. That was the day I happened upon Robert Oscanyan’s weblog posting “Disadvantages of Email and Spreadsheets.” Given that Oscanyan works for Workfront, notorious purveyor of so-called “work management solutions,” he was already highly suspect. But it’s really his comments—in their shockingly glib shortsightedness— about email and spreadsheets that really got my blood boiling. Convinced of their superiority on this point—and in the “spirit of healthy discourse”—Workfront has unwisely allowed me this weblog posting to rebut Oscanyan’s comments. (And I’m sure this has nothing to do with promoting the upcoming webinar debate between Oscanyan... Read More

Disadvantages of Email and Spreadsheets

A lot of us are nostalgic about the 70s or 80s, but there’s a lot of things we’re glad didn’t make it into the 21st Century. Take glamour shots, for instance. Can you imagine what LinkedIn would look like with profile pictures full of massive shoulder pads and even bigger bangs? Just imagine how cringeworthy it would be to hear your CEO say “tubular” at a company meeting. On the flip side, we couldn’t live without some of the innovations that emerged during those decades. Two good examples are email and spreadsheets. While these tools continue to serve an important purpose... Read More

How to Prioritize at Work: 3 Tips for Marketers

When you started in the game of marketing, you had brilliant ideas and the work ethic of a warrior. Yet, as is the norm for marketers, unpredictability and chaos abound. Urgent fires appear daily and push the work you planned to accomplish down lower on your endless to-do list. Frustrated and overwhelmed, even with spreadsheets and software to help, you sort and strategize and hope for the best. You aren’t alone. In fact, 68 percent of organizations have no process in place to help them prioritize projects, making work more a game of chance than strategy. “Until we can manage... Read More

The World-Class Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Stuff Done

This is the story of how I learned to be a highly productive procrastinator. There is little I’d claim to be world-class at, aside from this: I am without a doubt a World-Class Procrastinator (WCP). I avoid doing the Hard Thing (anything that requires a think). I avoid doing the other kind of Hard Thing (anything that requires sweat or discomfort, like working out). I even avoid getting out of bed in the morning. (Can a snooze alarm be a best friend?) After I wrote those few paragraphs I went to Google (the procrastinator’s second best friend) to research “how to avoid procrastination.” Because how... Read More

You Deserve a Break from Work

Heather Hurst
Heather Hurst

Staying glued to your desk, on task, for eight or nine hours causes low productivity. Breaking up the day helps you retain information and be sharper and more on point during work time, when concentration is required. Yet, most of us feel under pressure to work as much as possible. Working late nights and through your lunch break seems like an obvious solution. Yet, research proves all that overtime is actually holding us back. To combat this “al desko” movement of eating lunch at desks, Workfront gave Londoners an opportunity to take a much-needed break on April 12. Workfront set up... Read More

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