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Project Management 101 Part One: Managing Requests Like a Pro

What is project process? And how can marketers harness the power of project process to be more efficient and competitive? Last month, project management speaker and expert Hala Saleh joined us for a webinar crash course on the basics of project management for marketers. Here’s what she had to say about the first phase of any project. Enjoy! Marketing teams are starting to get more serious about planning, managing, and executing projects in a way that maximizes that value delivery. We start to see a lot of parallels not only in building products, but also in doing marketing activities. Once... Read More

How to Make a Project Plan That Works

Working on a marketing team throws you all kinds of challenges. While it’s stressful to manage all aspects of campaigns and their looming deadlines—sometimes the toughest part of your job is starting with a solid project plan. Nearly half of all marketers say they lack standard processes for workflow. Poor planning at the beginning of a project can lead to delays down the road. It’s helpful to have a standard set of steps to follow, but what are the key elements of a good project plan? Are you missing any steps in effective planning that would help you complete projects on... Read More

How To Stay Productive: 3 Quick Tips For Marketers

To work in marketing is to know the meaning of work chaos. Marketing activities can easily create more work than there are hours in a day. It’s no small feat to manage all the incoming work that comes your way—decide what to work on first, plan how to get it done, figure out who to involve. When you factor in a steady stream of email, a few meetings, and other common interruptions, the challenge of how to stay productive can seem pretty daunting. Marketers already feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to keep up. In fact, in... Read More

What is Hurting the Working Environment in the UK?

How does your working environment measure up to other offices around the U.K.? Are you facing the same challenges that hurt productivity and morale—like lack of faith in leadership, too many distractions from your "real job," late nights working from home, and a disappearing lunch hour? Get a glimpse of the current state of the UK workplace in a fascinating new Slideshare from Workfront, the result of a recent survey conducted among 2,051 office workers ages 18 and older. Are you among the 96% who think of themselves as “very or quite productive”—despite all the challenges you face in the... Read More

The Oscar Madison Guide To Managing Your Work

Today’s marketing world almost requires professionals in it to be not just plugged in, but highly organized, overly detail oriented and malleable enough to move from task to task in lightning speed, never missing a beat, a deadline or a task at hand. If you’re an Oscar Madison, managing your workload in this environment can be a problem. (Let’s take a culture break for a moment to bring our younger readers up to speed. Oscar Madison was the laid-back, slovenly half of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, played by Walter Matthau in the 1968 film. The play and movie captured the... Read More

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