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Secrets of a Social Media Manager

Managing multiple social media accounts is a lot of fun, but that fun can come with a lot of stress. Over the years, I have managed the social marketing for multiple brands. For much of that time, I was the “lone wolf”—the only one responsible for the concepts as well as gathering, storing and sharing the content where appropriate. I think management could see that my “social marketing team of one” wasn’t the only department struggling to manage the massive amounts work and collateral being dumped all over the server. It wasn’t uncommon to open up an excel document that was... Read More

What is a Project Manager?

What comes to mind when you hear the title project manager? Do you picture the lead on a new version of a software product? Or maybe you visualize the person overseeing the design and build of a new site for a growing company? What about the expert in manufacturing pushing improvement in the production process of medical devices? You’ll also find a project manager (or often a traffic manager) at an agency driving the latest campaign deliverables to completion for a major retailer. Whatever industry you imagine, the role of a project manager refers to the professional charged with overseeing the... Read More

Battle of the Sexes: Men vs. Women in the Workplace

If we wanted to make broad, sweeping generalizations about gender and the workplace after surveying 617 enterprise workers who work on a computer and collaborate with other people at companies with 500 or more employees, we might claim the following: Women Have a More Positive Outlook than Men 49% of women say “wasteful” meetings get in the way of work vs. 65% of men only 24% of women say poor company prioritization methods get in the way of work, compared to 36% of men women are far more likely to give millennials credit for their skills, tech savvy and overall friendliness Women Think... Read More

How to Create Project Request Forms

Whether you receive your project requests in the form of last-minute phone calls, IMs, hallway conversations, emails, meeting shout-outs or some other form of interruption, they make pretty much everyone absolutely cringe. Especially when they come with very few details and very little thought (and at 4:50 p.m.). That’s usually due to a complete lack of process, something you can easily fix. It all begins with a great request form. Every request form should be tailored to the kind of work you’re doing—from help desks to web design and everything between—and the processes in your company. Following are a few... Read More

Tips for Tracking Ad Hoc Work

In a 1785 Scots poem that’s all but unintelligible to modern speakers of American English, Robert Burns penned the following immortal line: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.” More than 230 years later, the best laid plans of mice and men still often go awry. Mice, at least, have an excuse. Besides their obvious cognitive disadvantages, the average mouse also lacks access to modern time tracking and project planning software solutions. (The mice of N.I.M.H. are possible exceptions.) So why are human work teams, which have cognitive ability to spare and proven project management principles at their... Read More

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