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5 Secrets of Priority Management

Every January, nearly everyone resolves to get more organized and more productive—to make a concerted effort to focus on what’s most important, both personally and professionally. But if you’re a manager who would like to take advantage of the New Year momentum with your team, this can be tricky. After all, each individual you work with may have an entirely different definition of “important.” Your problem has never been that people are deliberately, knowingly wasting time on unimportant work. No one thinks, “Here’s a task that doesn’t matter at all. I’ll tackle it first!” Your team members certainly have reasons for... Read More

Is Outdated Work Management Stealing Marketers' Time?

You get to the office and hit the ground running by checking your inbox, but there are more emails than you can get to before you run off to your first of many meetings. Some of these emails are productive, and some are definitely a waste of your time. The same could be said for your meetings. You spend an hour or more sitting in a room with other similarly busy people, but somehow half of the time is wasted on tangents, bad jokes, and conversations that two people could've had outside of the meeting. Somewhere in between meetings, you barely... Read More

Distractions at Work

The workplace is riddled with distractions that keep you from staying on task and knocking out your to-do list. These time sucks come in many shapes and sizes—everything from the guy who’s walking around the office on his phone to the growing number of emails in your inbox. The workplace is a noisy, busy, distracting place and it’s hard to get things done if you don’t know how to tackle these interruptions. Read on for five top work distractions and the simple fixes you can use to show them who’s boss. 1. EMAIL The Problem: Email is an inescapable, necessary time suck of the... Read More

Marketing Operations 101

Technology is continually changing the world we live in. Take a look at ways we now communicate. In just the last few years, we have seen an explosion of ways we share information. We express ourselves in a screenshot or share our thoughts in 140 characters or less. Hello, Snapchat and Twitter. It’s reported that there are 340 million tweets every day. Communication has become more transparent and efficient—and in some ways (with all the self-publishing going on) keeps us all accountable for what we say and do. Very similar to this evolution in communication, the marketing world we live in is... Read More

How's Your Email Productivity?

Email can be an invaluable productivity aid for office workers—enabling asynchronous communication between colleagues in different locations and timezones, providing a searchable record of work conversations, even offering rudimentary task-tracking capabilities. As the Slideshare above points out, 88% of enterprise workers say email makes them more productive. On the flip side, 40% of enterprise workers also complain that excessive email gets in the way of their work. "After email, meetings, and interruptions, office workers have only 45% of their time for the work they were hired to do." —State of Enterprise Work Report One of the biggest benefits of email?... Read More

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