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Building a Content Marketing Plan & Template for 2016

It happens to all content marketers at some point. You are putting the finishing touches on a white paper hours before your deadline, when suddenly, the figurative fire alarm starts to ring. It’s your coworker, glancing over your shoulder at the computer screen. “Has the vendor approved this yet?” she asks. Your stomach drops. You realize that you completely forgot this crucial step in the approvals process. How did this happen? After all, you were following your content marketing plan. Isn’t it supposed to remove surprises and guesswork from your content creation process? Yes and no. A content marketing plan may... Read More

How Productive Do You Think You Are?

Q: If you had to make a guess, do you think most people would consider their bosses or their direct reports to be more productive? A: The answer to this question can be found in Workfront’s newest slideshare, where we highlight seven surprising findings—good, bad and ugly—from our recent State of Enterprise Work Report. As it turns out, 81% of office workers ranked themselves high in productivity compared to their co-workers, managers, leaders and direct reports. Only 62% rated their direct reports as highly as they rated themselves, while barely over half (53%) gave their managers high marks. Here’s what’s funny... Read More

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

As if there weren’t enough tension already between Millennials and Baby Boomers, our recent State of Enterprise Work report shows a big gap between how these generations view each other vs. how they view themselves. In a survey of 617 individuals who work at large enterprises (500+ employees), we asked each generation to rank themselves and each other in 12 key areas, from “hardest workers” to “biggest roadblocks.” (Now we’re kind of wishing we had asked who would win in a cage fight, who are the best drivers, and who has the best taste in music. Maybe next year.) Wondering which generation... Read More

Help Your Agency Succeed at Client Engagement

There seems to be a collective belief that with commitment to a loyal relationship we resign ourselves to limited options, loss of excitement, and close the door to new opportunity—but when it comes to your agency’s clients, you may not realize the benefits and profitability of any effort you make to engage and retain your current clients. There is a common tendency to focus more on acquisition than retention, even though it can cost up to 7x more to get that new business. A recent article notes that a 2% increase in customer retention can decrease costs by 10% and... Read More

What's Happening on Your Marketing Team?

Do you think much more highly of yourself than anyone else you work with? Do you log into work or work email outside of work hours most weekdays, if not every day? Are you pretty certain that someone at work has your back? Then you must be a marketer. According to Workfront’s 2015 State of Marketing Work report, 84% of marketers rated themselves high in productivity compared to their co-workers, managers, leaders, and direct reports. How lucky that of the 617 office workers we surveyed, we almost always managed to get the most productive member of every team to respond! (Wink.) Over-confident... Read More

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