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Workplace Productivity Tips

Are you getting in the way of your employees going to the bathroom? If you’re not paying attention to the distractions and productivity problems happening in your team, you could be inadvertently contributing to a corporate epidemic of marketers having to “hold it” far longer than is healthy—either physiologically or psychologically. The rampant delaying of bathroom breaks is one of the more startling statistics that came out of Workfront’s 2015 State of Marketing Work report, which draws upon a recent survey of 617 full-time and part-time office workers who work at a company with 500 or more employees. Another startling statistic? Marketers... Read More

3 Monsters that Destroy Workplace Productivity

With Halloween just around the corner, scary sights will be plentiful—from creepy clown costumes and elaborate haunted houses to skeletons on suburban porches and horror-movie marathons. If you’re looking to keep the frights out of the office, however, garlic and wooden stakes won’t do the trick. Workplace monsters can wreak havoc on productivity, team morale, and on-time delivery. But they can be defeated. Here are three diabolical demons that could be haunting your office, plus three secret weapons to help you vanquish them once and for all. 1. Frankenstein Systems Are you trying to patch together way too many disparate systems to keep on... Read More

6 Productivity Tips That Will Also Reduce Overtime

Don Draper breezes past his secretary in a well-tailored suit at exactly 7:59 a.m. Maybe he takes a three-martini lunch with Roger Sterling at noon, followed by a power nap on his Milo Baughman couch. By 2 p.m., he’s charming a client with his next ad concept. He leaves the office at 5 p.m. to catch the train home (when he does go home!). He repeats the pattern the next day, protected under the 40-hour workweek tradition initiated by the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938. This 1960s-era workplace scene seems almost utopian in 2015. A recent Gallup poll found... Read More

Successful Agency Project Management

Agency life can be as frenzied as your daily commute. For a project manager, it’s a crazy balancing act of creating work that makes clients happy, keeping projects profitable, and employee turnover rates low. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When handling clients and the tasks that drive your agency’s bottom line, successful project management plays a critical role. A centralized leader that manages priorities and oversees collaboration will provide much-needed order across the agency. These benefits lead to a happier team, increased efficiency and more revenue potential. Read on for four tips for successful project management that can keep... Read More

Helping Your Team Manage & Track Time

If you’re looking to improve time management on your team, time tracking is the place to start. While this is undoubtedly an unpopular topic among most employees, it is nevertheless essential if you want the ability to consistently meet deadlines, forecast future bandwidth, and effectively allocate resources. In some ways, it all comes down to your skills as a manager. Initially, your employees won’t be any more eager to track the hours they spend on individual tasks than they are to update spreadsheets, fill out expense reports, or complete other required chores that seem like distractions from their “real” work.... Read More

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