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How New York Fashion Week Can Help Improve Your Work Habits

New York Fashion Week wrapped up 10 days ago, revealing the clothing trends that will be trickling down to the masses in the next couple of years—and will soon be spotted in an office cubicle near you. But besides arming us with new ways to dress for success, are there other lessons to be learned from the latest couture trends? In fact, there are. Here are four fashion-inspired lessons that can help you improve your work habits. 1. Holes are Great for Crochets—Not Your Work Processes Usually reserved for summer, crocheted pieces are making a splash this fall. Whether or not you choose... Read More

How to Increase Profit Margins at Your Agency

Natalie Ward
Natalie Ward

Agency life is more chaotic than ever. The complex balance of offering fresh, award-winning work delivered to your clients on time can leave you wondering if other agencies are able to run efficiently or if your profit margins are the only ones left behind. Each Monday you start with the goal of knowing right where your accounts stand so you can meet looming deadlines, use your resources wisely, and handle more business. Yet after a day of interrupted thoughts and brief stints of actually working, your stressed and over-scheduled creatives pull all-nighters with energy drinks in-hand and struggle to produce innovative... Read More

3 Things We Learned From Content Marketers at CM World

Shelbi Gomez
Shelbi Gomez

Once a year some of the best and brightest in the field of content marketing converge to the Content Marketing World conference to learn from leading marketers from around the world. This year the conference brought in over 3,000 content marketers and Workfront was right there in the thick of it all to ask what some of the biggest productivity challenges are for content marketers. Some of the answers might surprise you, and others might leave you feeling somewhat sad. Here are 3 of the results that really stood out to me: 1. Email must die: 38% of content marketers stated... Read More

3 Ways to Reclaim Your Agency’s Time

To say your agency is busy is to put it lightly. With multiple simultaneous projects, teams and clients dispersed across the globe, demanding clients and stakeholders, and constantly shifting priorities, you work in perpetual chaos. The work is engaging and challenging—which you enjoy—but operating in continual crisis mode gets exhausting. It's difficult to find the work–life balance you want, you feel like work owns you, and burnout is on the horizon. How can you tame the work chaos beast? Keep reading if you’ve ever experienced: Too much work with too little prioritizing No visibility into who’s working on what (even those random work... Read More

Greatest Hits: 4 Core Metrics All In-House Creative Services Teams Should Track

As part of our “Greatest Hits” series, we bring you articles by our executives that have appeared in other publications across the web. This week we present “How In-House Creative Teams Can Improve Performance with Data” by Workfront CMO Joe Staples, which originally appeared on Writers, designers, art directors and photographers are not data-driven by nature. They're more comfortable with pictures, puns and pixels than they are with the metrics and measurements that motivate clients and management. Perhaps because of this, in-house creative services teams consistently list the following among their biggest challenges: gaining respect from internal clients, proving their value... Read More

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