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How to Impress Your CEO

Ever find yourself alone in the elevator with the CEO, palms sweating, tongue tied, wondering if you should introduce yourself (again) or if it would be better to just leave the executive in peace? One of my early corporate jobs required me to walk a particularly long and narrow hallway several times a day. I have vivid memories of that long, awkward journey—me at one end of the hall, not sure when it was appropriate to look up and acknowledge the CEO, who was frequently coming from the other direction, or if I should just pretend to be engrossed in the... Read More

How to Build Teamwork: 45 Tips

How to build teamwork? You’ve had teamwork pounded into your psyche since you were a four-year-old budding soccer phenom. Now that you’re not a soccer star at all, but a concerned office inhabitant, you’re still trying to figure out teamwork—how to build teamwork, how to keep it going when the combined behaviors of your very human team seem determined to derail it. Most likely, you’ve seen teamwork accomplish great things. You’ve probably also seen the lack of it bring failure and shattered relationships in its wake. But can you put your thumb on what exactly creates and sustains great teamwork? Does... Read More

How to Be a Better Manager

Marcus Varner
Marcus Varner

Say you find yourself sitting in front of your boss, and he/she wants to know what your team worked on this month or quarter and what you have planned to work on in the coming month or quarter. If you're a team lead, manager, or director, this is a highly likely scenario. After all, it's exactly the kind of info your boss needs to do his/her job properly. Unfortunately, it's equally likely that you won't be able to give him/her a definitive answer. Although most work managers can give their supervisor an anecdotal snapshot of what their team members did over... Read More

How to Build Team Credibility

Creatives are a vital part of any organization. They own the voice, the tone, and the look and feel of the brand—the intangibles that bolster and support not only a brand’s image, but also its larger message and value. Still, their contributions are often overlooked or under-appreciated by the larger organization, which is why 69 percent of in-house professionals say gaining respect and value recognition from internal clients and executives poses the greatest challenge for them in the near future. Executives and internal clients want numbers; that’s how they assign credibility. But creative teams specialize in design, not in numbers. And... Read More

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

As if there weren’t enough tension already between Millennials and Baby Boomers, our recent State of Enterprise Work report shows a big gap between how these generations view each other vs. how they view themselves. In a survey of 617 individuals who work at large enterprises (500+ employees), we asked each generation to rank themselves and each other in 12 key areas, from “hardest workers” to “biggest roadblocks.” (Now we’re kind of wishing we had asked who would win in a cage fight, who are the best drivers, and who has the best taste in music. Maybe next year.) Wondering which generation... Read More

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