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Marketing Compliance Made Easy

A quick visit to the Federal Trade Commission’s website will show you the latest issues that are in the government agency’s crosshairs, from student loan scams to wristbands that claim to prevent mosquito bites. The goal? To protect America’s consumers from misleading advertising and other unethical or deceptive business practices. As reported on the ProofHQ blog, there’s been a flurry of marketing compliance activity from the FTC in recent months. But who has the time to keep up with all of the updated guidelines, some of which are 16 pages long? (We’re looking at you, “Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements.”) After... Read More

How to Build Teamwork: 45 Tips

How to build teamwork? You’ve had teamwork pounded into your psyche since you were a four-year-old budding soccer phenom. Now that you’re not a soccer star at all, but a concerned office inhabitant, you’re still trying to figure out teamwork—how to build teamwork, how to keep it going when the combined behaviors of your very human team seem determined to derail it. Most likely, you’ve seen teamwork accomplish great things. You’ve probably also seen the lack of it bring failure and shattered relationships in its wake. But can you put your thumb on what exactly creates and sustains great teamwork? Does... Read More

How to Be a Good Team Leader

Learning how to be a good team leader could be the most important skill you master in your career, especially if you aim to climb the corporate ladder. No matter how talented you are in your functional area of expertise, you’ll never rise through the ranks without strong management skills. And yet there isn’t a single, sequential pathway to the top. Good managers come in all shapes and sizes, with varying philosophies about leadership, employee motivation, team building and more. The idea might best be expressed by borrowing a famous quote about motherhood: "There’s no way to be a perfect... Read More

Adobe Integrations From Workfront Help Creative Teams: Q&A with a Workfront Product Manager

Although software integrations are commonplace nowadays, how do the new Adobe integrations play into end-user productivity? Is your software investment extended by integrations? We recently sat down with one of our product managers, Ben Nielsen, to talk about how Workfront’s new integrations help extend the deep investments you have already made in Adobe solutions. Tell us about the new Workfront integrations with Adobe. We recently released a few highly requested integrations with the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets and the Adobe Creative Cloud platform. Both integrations help standardize workflows and processes for marketing and creative design teams by creating a bridge between... Read More

5 Ways Video Can Help You Communicate Better

Combined with our addiction to sharing, technology has connected us in ways that would have been unthinkable not long ago. Technology tells me when my friends and team members are happy. Technology tells me when they’re on vacation. Technology tells me what they’re eating. And technology tells me who they’re backing for President. We have more data about our connections and colleagues than ever before, but does that really help us KNOW one another better? I’m not certain that it does. Information doesn’t necessarily equate to knowledge, and all the digital flotsam and jetsam that we share about our lives contributes... Read More

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