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JIT Communication: Status, Updates, and More Status Updates

In ancient Rome, status updates were vital to the rapid growth of the empire. Roads enabled the communication of critical intelligence and orders from Rome to distant parts of the empire—and equally important, the transmission of status and updates from outlying areas back to the centers of power.1 Messengers became imperative as they ferried information back and forth, ensuring that the goals and strategy of Rome were achieved. And as Rome extended its borders, this need for continual status updates became even more pressing.2 (To see more on how bad project communication has impacted civilization, take a gander at our... Read More

3 Project Management Lessons from U.S. History

Shelbi Gomez
Shelbi Gomez

Recently we’ve highlighted project management disasters in our recent Project Management Hall of Shame infographic—but what about successes? The feats that teams are capable of when they get project management right are nearly limitless. With Independence Day around the corner here in the United States, I thought it appropriate to dig into our history for examples of projects that set the bar in how to complete a project efficiently and successfully. 1. The Golden Gate Bridge How to connect the headlands of Marin County and the budding city of San Francisco was a question that plagued the Bay Area’s brightest minds from... Read More

10 Thank You Notes From Your Marketing Creative Team from Workfront In-house creative teams have an often thankless job. Based on requests that come to them in every medium, they’re charged with organizing and coming up with brilliant, original, clutter-piercing material quarter after quarter. While they’re juggling all that, they also have to absorb the ad hoc grenades thrown their way—requests for Sales team t-shirt designs, an exec’s kid’s birthday party decorations, that sort of thing. And they handle it all with grace and skill. But even the most seasoned creative team has a few... Read More

3 Work Management Lessons Learned From the Sochi Olympics

Iurii Osadchi / The 2014 Winter Olympics have come and gone, but the perceptions created by the games’ readiness (or lack thereof) will linger long after the luster of gold has faded from the global collective memory. While the Sochi Olympics were an overall success, that success wasn’t without its pitfalls—and it certainly came at a price. Who can forget the prolific tweets of the international press as they arrived in hotels that lacked running water, window coverings—and in at least one case, a lobby floor. There was the ring that failed to light up during the opening ceremonies—prompting global gasps... Read More

Four Steps to Project Time Management

The knowledge area of time management typically refers to "the skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals." To become an effective time manager, you should be able to clearly understand the activities of the project and have the necessary skill set to plan, schedule, and control a project timeline. Along with these skills, you must also be able to utilize time management tools to help you analyze, measure, and assess your time management techniques. Keeping all of this in mind, may I suggest four steps to help with project time management? Define the... Read More

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