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Effective Stakeholder Management: 10 Tips for Better Communication

When it comes to stakeholder management, keeping an open and effective line of communication is crucial. A couple of years ago, I stumbled on this list of tips for presenting to stakeholders, which is worth rehashing. Sometimes it seems like a thirty-minute meeting can be over in sixty seconds. Stakeholders sometimes have short attention spans, so if you don’t capture their attention in the first minute or two, they’ll start checking their email and watching the clock or worse—bail on your meeting. Anyone involved in project management work has to deal with sponsors and stakeholders. Having said that, however,... Read More

University Hospitals boosts project visibility, collaboration and performance

Editor's note: This article was written by Brian Taylor and appeared in full on **In 2009, Andy Kinnear, Director of the Office of Project Management for University Hospitals in northeast Ohio had a problem. For close to two years he had overseen system implementations for University Hospitals (“UH”) as a senior project manager at CSC. Then UH decided to bring Andy and several of his CSC colleagues in-house. They went from having a “relatively robust” project portfolio management system to not having a budget for a portfolio solution. “And like any good IT group,” says Andy, “we decided we would build one.... Read More

Project Management: How Does Setting Expectations Avoid Project Failure?

Like floating in a life raft with 100 little holes poked in it, mismanaging team and stakeholder expectations on a project will lead to sinking before it ever has a chance to really get anywhere. Those who manage work and projects on a daily basis know expectation management is a key part of the work process which often gets poorly communicated, brushed aside, or confused with requirements management. Why? There are a number of reasons: because there is a looming deadline, because it seems easier, because it’s not an official part of the process. Or, it could be because the project... Read More

How to Manage Requirements for Project Success

For most of my life, I dreamed of being an architect. I’m a creative to the core and in high school I loved my art, drafting, AutoCAD, and architectural drawing classes. But I was really only interested in the drawing and design part of it. In reality, there were many things I never considered about architecture like how much math was going to be involved and all of the logistics. I had never thought a thing about the necessity of designing solid foundations for the structures I was designing which is basically construction 101. In order to build a sturdy... Read More

Project Management: How to Stop the Finger-Pointing

When I was a little kid, I remember my mother constantly telling me, "Don't point at people, it's rude." While the circumstances were a little different then, I have to say, I've never seen so much finger-pointing as I have since I've been a part of the corporate world.  Unfortunately, when people's jobs, reputations, bonus checks, or pride could be in jeopardy, finger-pointing and passing the blame becomes the first step of self-preservation for employees. The problem with that is a culture full of blame causes a lot of problems. Before you know it, your team, department, or even organizational culture becomes... Read More

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