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Resource Management for Creative Teams

For creative directors of an in-house creative services team, resource utilization (a fancy phrase in project and resource management speak that refers to how effectively you’re balancing your team members’ skills and time) is a constant concern. Maybe you’ve asked yourself questions like these: How do I ensure everyone’s workloads are balanced? Does Stacey have too much on her plate? Does Richard have enough on his plate? Does Brent have projects that match his skill set? If resource utilization isn’t one of their biggest worries, perhaps it should be, considering 80 percent of creative marketers feel overworked and understaffed, and one... Read More

5 Marketing Solutions for In-House Creative Teams

Technology in the workplace has continually transformed the corporate world with each new advance — from typewriters to touchscreens, hard drives to Google Drive, WordPerfect to Wordpress. Each advance, each new app or website or “iDevice,” promises to solve a new pain or drive workflow efficiency; but despite all of technology’s progress, businesses still struggle to keep their processes efficient. Specifically, the struggle lies in transparency. A recent survey report of marketers and office workers in the UK showed that work-related stress stems from a lack of communication and visibility into the work done by others on the team. In-house creative... Read More

Video Blog: 6 Ways to Master Request Management

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: One of the biggest challenges that face agencies and creative teams is how to manage all the requests that they get from a variety of clients and internal customers. So think of a creative team. Those requests can come from product managers, marketing managers, internal teams like HR and Finance, looking for brochures or videos or other pieces of collateral. And one of the challenges that those creative teams are faced with is how to get the definition around those requests and then how to manage those requests appropriately and in the most efficient way. I'd like to share... Read More

Video Blog: Things That Are Important to a CMO

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: I have been a CMO for over 18 years, and certainly the demands and requirements for a CMO over that time have changed pretty dramatically. But the real question is, what's important to a CMO today? It really comes down to kind of four things for me. The first one is visibility. CMOs need to avoid surprises. They need visibility into trends. They need visibility into competition. They need visibility into the heartbeat of what's going on inside of their marketing team. Next, and certainly high on every CMO's list, is not only how to generate demand, but how to... Read More

Greatest Hits: 4 Core Metrics All In-House Creative Services Teams Should Track

As part of our “Greatest Hits” series, we bring you articles by our executives that have appeared in other publications across the web. This week we present “How In-House Creative Teams Can Improve Performance with Data” by Workfront CMO Joe Staples, which originally appeared on Writers, designers, art directors and photographers are not data-driven by nature. They're more comfortable with pictures, puns and pixels than they are with the metrics and measurements that motivate clients and management. Perhaps because of this, in-house creative services teams consistently list the following among their biggest challenges: gaining respect from internal clients, proving their value... Read More

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