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Resource Utilization: How to Keep Your Creative Team’s Workload Balanced

In a recent survey of creative services teams, 89 percent of respondents claimed their teams were overloaded with work and nearly the same percentage said they were understaffed. Managers of those teams usually feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they try to hire more team members, they’ll face a long and arduous journey of justifying headcount and expanding or reallocating their budgets (that’s only if they succeed in convincing their superiors that they need more help). And if they choose to cut down on how much work they accept, they could eventually see their... Read More

Getting to Home Plate: How to Change Your Agency Workflow for Success

Abbott and Costello had it right: Who's on first, What’s on second, and I Don’t Know is on third. With over four million hits on Youtube, this classic comedy sketch from the 1950s is a delight to witness on stage, but is a different story when that same comical confusion clouds your work environment. Maybe your workplace is like this: you think you’re making perfect sense, but everyone else has joined I Don’t Know on third base. You’ve assigned tasks, completed spreadsheets, and sent out 50+ emails –none of which you forgot the attachments for! But just when you’re thinking... Read More

Picking the Right Structure for Your Workplace... and For Each Client

As part of our "Structure Grows Creativity" project, we asked marketing thought leaders to give us their take on the ongoing "Structure vs. Creativity" debate. This is what Matt Siltala, founder of Avalaunch Media, had to say... When I think about the relationship between structure and creativity, I tend to think about it in two ways. 1. Creating the right culture is huge in the workplace. You need to have people that LOVE being in the office (at least) 8 hours a day. I remember one of my first "corporate" type jobs in the early 2000s and at first it was amazing. We... Read More

4 KPIs Every Creative Team Should Be Tracking

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it really fall? If a creative team helps to increase the bottom line and can’t prove it, did it really help the business at all? I think both the tree and the creative team would get offended at these questions. Fortunately for the tree, it will never be able to hear the question. Unfortunately for the creative team, it will likely hear the question again and again until it finds a way to prove its value. Tracking the impact of a creative team in any company is a tricky task,... Read More

4 Tips for Shorter Review-Approval Cycles and Higher On-time Delivery Rates

“Can you make the sandwich more playful?” “I like it. But can the snow look a little warmer?” “We want it to look like this, but don’t copy it, just make it different enough, but keep it the same.” Ridiculous client feedback like this inspired two Irish graphic designers to create a series of posters (see above) that went viral—because it resonated with creative professionals around the world. Among the many challenges creative services teams face, endless review approval cycles with stakeholders and clients—whether or not they’re asking for “more images of groups of people having non-specific types of fun”—ranks near the top of... Read More

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