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What's the Difference Between Creative Directors and Creative Leaders?

Since 2007, Mad Men has given the world a front row seat to the life of a creative director. Lead character, Don Draper, makes being a creative director look easy—even glamorous. And though Draper seems to gain respect from his team due to his natural creative genius, they generally tend to fear and despise him as a person. Personally, I think Don Draper is a great example of how a creative director can be a fantastic director, but a terrible leader. Andrew Lincoln, creative director at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, describes being a creative director in these words: "Basically,... Read More

Your Hiring Forecast: Sunny With a Chance of Headcount

Ever feel like your team is drowning in work, and it just keeps on raining? Stop treading water and start taking control of your team’s future. These 5 tips will help managers secure the right headcount at the right time, in any job climate. The battle for headcount is always raging, but there’s hope on the horizon. More than a third of employers (36%) expect to add full-time, permanent employees in 2015, according to CareerBuilder’s annual U.S. Job Forecast. This marks a 12% increase over 2014. The numbers are trending even higher in four key sectors: Information Technology (54%), Financial... Read More

Video Blog: How to Improve Transparency to Stakeholders

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: So let's talk for a just a minute about the value that an enterprise work management solution can deliver to your stakeholders. It all starts with setting expectations properly. You have requesters - let's call them, in this case, stakeholders - people who are looking for you to complete work. But part of the problem, one of the things that we've found creates a level of dissatisfaction with the work produced, is how the expectation is set up front. Are you in a position to accurately project when a project will be done, who's going to work... Read More

How Solution Implementation Teams Can Solicit Customer Feedback: Q&A with Blendtec's Rick Galan

In an earlier post on including customers in the implementation, I touched on the importance of soliciting and incorporating feedback from your customers, along with tips for managing their expectations and collaborating with them effectively. Well in this post, we’re going to dive deeper into the world of customer satisfaction, or CSAT, surveys and cover some reasons why you should and how you can solicit the actionable feedback you want to receive. Because solution implementation teams hold a position near the end of the customer journey and are often the last to touch the customer before deployment, these teams are... Read More

Video Blog: How Enterprise Work Management Solutions Boost Your Personal Value

TRANSCRIPT Joe: A lot has been written on the business value of an enterprise work management solution, but what I'd like to talk about is the personal value that you can gain from using an enterprise work management solution. So business value tends to focus on productivity, time savings, increased visibility for the business, and getting more done. On the personal side, having an enterprise work management solution has distinct values for you, as an individual inside of your job. That personal value can come from taking greater pride in your work because you're hitting deadlines. You'll gain greater respect... Read More

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