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Time Tracking for Creative Teams: Four Ways to Do it Successfully

The first thing that usually comes to mind when we think about time tracking (besides, “Oh please, God, no!”) is that it’s for interns, part-time employees, and freelancers. But looking at the bigger picture, it’s not hard to realize that time tracking isn’t just some lowly practice for those that aren’t on salary, it’s actually the lifeblood of most client-based businesses, whether it’s a consulting firm, an accounting office, an ad agency, or even a corporate creative services team—especially if they’re organized as an in-house agency. Time tracking on a creative team might seem out of place, since the employees are... Read More

Video Blog: How Enterprise Work Management Can Change Your Business

Transcript Joe Staples: So what is enterprise work management anyway? Let's start with, how does work get done inside of a business? Requests come from a number of different sources. It may be a request for a brochure into the marketing department, a request into the IT department to deploy a new software application. Or it may be your own professional services organization deploying software products or other technology inside one of your customers. The common thing is that all of those projects, all of that work, have various requesters, visibility to that work, when it's going to get done,... Read More

5 Questions: How Metrics Help Management Understand Your Contributions

How is your team doing today compared to last year or three years ago? Is your team making progress, treading water, or actually backsliding? How are the individuals on your team performing? It’s easy to say, anecdotally, that everyone seems busy and happy in his or her position and that the work is generally getting done on time. But if you don’t know the answers to these questions with any certainty, not only will you be an ineffective manager, you’ll also be unable to provide an accurate picture to those who wield the real power in your organization—upper management. As a team leader or... Read More

The Cost of Disconnected Work in the IT PMO

Sara Guggisberg
Sara Guggisberg
Tags: IT | pmo | status updates

#workinglate, #whatsavacation?, #caseoftheMondays. If you’re a PM and on Twitter or Instagram, you’re probably tempted to put these hashtags into play more than you’d like to admit. If you’re not into the social media thing, you might be wondering what number-sign-working-late means, and if that’s the case, we’ll just move right along. But have you ever considered that the reason you so often find yourself overworked and overwhelmed is that your project management process, the way you and your peers do your work, is a broken one? Today’s project management style was sufficient in the 1950s, when assembly-line workers were needed... Read More

Video Blog: How to Use Each Team Member to Their Fullest

Transcript TITLE: “How Can I Utilize My Team Members Better?” Joe: Proper use and planning of your team’s resources can have a profound impact on your business. So how many times do you, as a manager, look and wonder, who’s working on what? Who’s ready for more work? How often do you hear from employees, “I’m overloaded,” yet you hear from other employees, “I don’t have enough to do”? It’s through the use of an enterprise work management solution that you, as a manager, can have complete visibility into how well your team’s resources are being utilized. You can see who’s... Read More

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