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The Visibility Challenge in IT Project Management: Part 1

Kari Woolf
Kari Woolf
Tags: IT | reporting | visibility

Before you became immersed in the world of IT project management, you were likely familiar with the popular children’s game Marco Polo. Typically played in a swimming pool, the player selected as “It” tries to tag other players in the pool while keeping eyes closed. But have you ever wondered what’s behind this game of sightless water tag? While it obviously relates to the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo, it turns out that the details are difficult to verify. Some believe that a young Marco became separated from his caravan during a trip to China and, in a hallucinatory stupor, imagined... Read More

How Creative Project Management Can Help Clients Stick to Strategy

Keeping clients strategically focused is a frequent pain point for marketing and creative agency professionals. After all, you want to work with engaged and excited stakeholders—but how do you keep them from running with scissors in their enthusiasm? “Too often we get caught up in the next big thing and do it just because everyone else is doing it,” said Leigh Gibson, account director at Intrepid, a Salt Lake City-based hybrid communications agency. “It takes discipline to follow your strategic plan.” So, in your creative project management endeavors, how do you get your stakeholders—including creative team and client alike—to stick to the... Read More

Project Management Leadership Secret: Learning to Share

blockquote { border-left: none; } We recently reached out to 40 top Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) professionals and asked them to respond to the following prompt: “Please share a remarkable leadership secret that had a major impact on an enterprise project you have managed. Please tell the story and the results that you achieved.” Today, we highlight the response of Dr. Ed Wallington, a project management advocate at One aspect that enables an enterprise to work efficiently is the ability to access up-to-date information in a timely manner. Many enterprises may have good data, but because they are... Read More

Creative Project Management: How to Prove the Value of Your Creative Team

When it comes to creative project management, value is the one thing every creative team should be focused on. Proving the value of an in-house creative team is about making sure that your writers and designers are always working on the right work. It's pulling reports and data. It's showing executives that your creative team really does add value to the company. Unfortunately, when all of your work is kept in different tools and your collaboration is out of context, finding the information you need can be a lot like feeling around in the dark for the light switch. When work... Read More

Escaping the Horror of Marketing Project Management Chaos

Projects that spiral out of control faster than Frankenstein’s monster. Gaps in data that haunt your team day and night. Tools and processes that are more overworked and exhausted than zombie slayers in the apocalypse. It might feel like you’re working in the middle of a horror flick, but it's actually your marketing team's project management. If you don't do something, your productivity and your sanity will be its next victim. Never fear—Workfront is here! Learn how House of Blues, Covario, and SapientNitro all conquered the horror of work chaos with help from Workfront in our latest video. ... Read More

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