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Project Management 101 Part Two: Planning to Succeed

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s one of my favorite quotes. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of in marketing. Most of us, regardless of whether we are in marketing or not, end up just kind of picking up work and doing it. Once we receive a work request (see my first post in this series “Project Management 101 Part One: Managing Requests Like a Pro”), we tend to skip the planning phase and just go right to execution, which is a shame. After all, it’s the planning phase that gets you thinking, asking critical questions, and having discussions and... Read More

Agile Methodology for Marketers: A Brief History

When I first heard the buzz phrase, "Agile methodology," I honestly didn’t find it too revolutionary. I assumed it was a self explanatory phrase that meant you’ve gotta be quick and nimble and willing to change plans. I thought, “Has there ever been a time when that wasn’t the goal of a company?” Not until I joined Workfront, whose product supports Agile practices, did I learn that the Agile methodology is in fact a specific approach to work very different from traditional frameworks. It has its own manifesto and set of principles—and virtually every software development team has adopted it, with marketing... Read More

Dave’s Guide to Getting Started with Agile Marketing

If you’ve caught the vision of agile marketing (perhaps because of articles like this one and this one), and you believe it may be a great fit for your team, there are several different ways to get started. You can hire a consultant or a project management professional to help design your processes, educate your team, and take you through the transition. You can consult expert resources online, like this beginner’s guide. You can rely on a solution implementation specialist who works with your project management software. (If you’ve chosen one, like Workfront, that supports Agile teams.) But no matter which path... Read More

Accountability vs Responsibility in Project Management

Logan Mallory
Logan Mallory

When we saw this article about "Accountability vs Responsibility in Project Management" from Shim Marom, we felt like it would make a great addition as a guest post on our blog. Workfront is always looking for ideas to make work more effective and hope you benefit from Shim's insights! It took me some time into my project management career to realize, and logically accept the fact, that within the project management domain one has to have clear appreciation of the distinction between Accountability, and Responsibility. The fundamental point this discussion is attempting to address is the question of "when and where does... Read More

Is Agile Right For Me? A Q&A Session With a Workfront Product Manager

Agile work processes are top of mind for many marketing and enterprise teams now, but several questions remain: Is Agile right for me and my team? How do I know? How do I start the process to transition to an Agile team? Am I able to adopt Agile in phases or do I have to prepare to adopt everything at the same time? We recently had a chance to chat with one of our product managers, Nick McCleery, about how Workfront can help teams adopt Agile in a way that suits them - without requiring an “all or nothing” investment in the overhead required... Read More

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