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What Type of Manager Are You?

Logan Mallory
Logan Mallory
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No matter your role in your company, it's a smart idea to ask from time to time: "What type of manager are you?" Managers have an indisputable effect on our work experiences. And whether that experience is good or bad often depends on our higher-ups' management style. Since everyone is manager on some level or another, the question of management style has universal relevance. In the workforce, we’ve all experienced working for different management styles. Each manager brings their skills and strengths to the job, setting... Read More

What is Agile Marketing and Why Should You Care About It?

Whether or not you’ve ever known what it’s called, you’ve likely been following Waterfall project management processes for most of your career. This traditional methodology involves up-front planning followed by sequential execution on the plan, from step A to step Z. If you’re constructing a bridge, this method works great. Why? Because you can envision exactly what you’re building and how it’s going to function before you begin. And you know the precise need the project will fulfill: helping people cross a river at a particular juncture. But for marketers and software engineers who work with code and pixels rather than concrete... Read More

4 Takeaways From the Leap 2016 Opening Session

Welcome to Leap 2016! We’re in Orlando for 3 ½ fabulous days with about 1,000 customers, partners, and employees to network, learn, and become better users of Workfront. We officially kicked off Leap with a great party on Monday night, and then welcomed all of the attendees with our first general session on Tuesday morning, featuring presentations from top Workfront executives and an inspiring address from Richard Phillips (of Captain Phillips fame). Suffice it to say, the first session was chock-full of great moments, words of wisdom, and reveals. For those unable to attend and not wanting to sift through a... Read More

How to Be a Better Project Manager: 81 Tips from PM Experts

In today's professional environment, project managers are required to wear a variety of hats, shifting between the everyday functions of managing a team to understanding the big picture strategy. Because of this, project managers have become more valuable to organizations, and the demand for their skills and strategic roles have grown worldwide. But this also raises the question: how to be a project manager, and a good one, in such a high-pressure environment? Unfortunately, there is no single attribute that makes someone a fantastic project... Read More

Content Marketing Success: 4 Tips to Success

Joe Staples: Every B2B marketer today knows that content is king. It’s the trading currency we use to engage prospects. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute found in a survey that 70% of marketers plan on creating more content this year than they did last year. So how do you know if your content is working? How do you know if your strategy around content marketing is being successful and actually paying off? Let me share with you four ways that I believe your content marketing program can be most successful. First of all, your content needs to be different and it needs... Read More

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