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How to Prioritize Your Work: 4 Steps

At one point in your career or another, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How to prioritize my work?” Don’t worry… you’re not alone. We’ve all stared at a mile-long, “due today” task list with no idea where to even start. Then comes the head-scratching. How to prioritize all of those to-do’s in a logical, meaningful way? Yes, you could just plow right into that pile, overcoming your workload with sheer grit and ferocity. And you could also guarantee yourself a weekend in the office as the pile wins again. If you value your work-life balance and your sanity, prioritization needs to happen,... Read More

Secrets of a Social Media Manager

Managing multiple social media accounts is a lot of fun, but that fun can come with a lot of stress. Over the years, I have managed the social marketing for multiple brands. For much of that time, I was the “lone wolf”—the only one responsible for the concepts as well as gathering, storing and sharing the content where appropriate. I think management could see that my “social marketing team of one” wasn’t the only department struggling to manage the massive amounts work and collateral being dumped all over the server. It wasn’t uncommon to open up an excel document that was... Read More

What is a Project Manager?

What comes to mind when you hear the title project manager? Do you picture the lead on a new version of a software product? Or maybe you visualize the person overseeing the design and build of a new site for a growing company? What about the expert in manufacturing pushing improvement in the production process of medical devices? You’ll also find a project manager (or often a traffic manager) at an agency driving the latest campaign deliverables to completion for a major retailer. Whatever industry you imagine, the role of a project manager refers to the professional charged with overseeing the... Read More

What is the Best Project Management Software for PR Teams?

I often get blank stares when I tell people I am a public relations professional because many have no idea what public relations means, let alone what I actually do. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines it this way: “Public relations is a strategic communications process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organization and their publics.” In my experience, public relations (PR) activities are typically done in-house through your marketing or communications team, or are outsourced to an agency. Whether done in-house or through an agency, a PR professional’s core responsibility is to build relationships with a target... Read More

Marketing Predictions 2016: 3 Thought Leaders Weigh In

If you’re like us, dear marketer, you’ve probably been in planning mode since October, already living mentally in 2016. Now the rest of the world has finally caught up with you. Yes, it’s true. The year 2016 has arrived and with it a new crop of challenges and opportunities for marketers. But while hindsight is always 20/20—we can all name something in 2015 we should’ve seen coming a mile away—our future isn’t so clear. So what challenges and opportunities can marketers look forward to this year? Luckily, we have access to thought leaders who tend to be pretty great at calling trends... Read More

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