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Project Planning Best Practices

Project planning is tricky on a corporate creative team. Too little planning causes chaos and frustration; and too much planning causes a lot of administrative work and not enough time for creative work. Ultimately, the planning stage of the creative workflow determines how smoothly your projects move through the creative process, which is why it’s so important to spend some time at the beginning of a project and get your planning right. In the larger scheme of a typical creative team’s workflow, project planning follows the request stage, where, ideally, a traffic manager or creative director receives all incoming work requests... Read More

A Day in the Life of an IT Project Manager

Juggling resources, deadlines, deliverables, and priorities to ensure projects align with a company’s business strategy. Interfacing with stakeholders. Delivering on milestones when C-level executives may have unrealistic expectations. Welcome to the life of an IT project manager, a.k.a. organizer, cheerleader, interim referee, world-class juggler, and part-time circus clown (in his or her mind). It’s a fast-paced, obstacle-filled, and, at times, thankless job. But somebody’s got to do it—and that “somebody” is Abdul-Malik Muhaimin, who has spent the last ten years working for companies like Flipagram and Fandango in L.A.’s Silicon Beach and Xerox in Arizona. “There are two major challenges that I have experienced... Read More

Workplace Communication Tips for More Effective Status Meetings

Ah, the dreaded status meeting. That unfruitful, monotonous, redundant, relentless beast that inspires brief bursts of productivity directly before the meeting (so team members have something to report on), but that often results in a dozen or more highly paid individuals sitting around a conference table recounting, one by one, the tasks they accomplished last week. So much for forward momentum. Why do status meetings have such a bad rap? The reasons are many, but primary among them is the fact that most team members are juggling more than one project at any given time. If each of those projects... Read More

How to Choose the Right Work Management Software

So you have decided to trade your team’s epic quagmire of emails, sticky notes, Excel sheets and Google Docs for a professional work management software tool. Good for you. Deciding to make a change is the first step on the road to inefficiency recovery. Now your next step is deciding what kind of software to purchase to help manage your workload. This is easier said than done. After a quick Google search, you discover that there are many different types of software. Your head is spinning: should you buy project management software or work management software? What’s the difference? Project management software... Read More

Workplace Productivity Tips

Are you getting in the way of your employees going to the bathroom? If you’re not paying attention to the distractions and productivity problems happening in your team, you could be inadvertently contributing to a corporate epidemic of marketers having to “hold it” far longer than is healthy—either physiologically or psychologically. The rampant delaying of bathroom breaks is one of the more startling statistics that came out of Workfront’s 2015 State of Marketing Work report, which draws upon a recent survey of 617 full-time and part-time office workers who work at a company with 500 or more employees. Another startling statistic? Marketers... Read More

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