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3 Monsters that Destroy Workplace Productivity

With Halloween just around the corner, scary sights will be plentiful—from creepy clown costumes and elaborate haunted houses to skeletons on suburban porches and horror-movie marathons. If you’re looking to keep the frights out of the office, however, garlic and wooden stakes won’t do the trick. Workplace monsters can wreak havoc on productivity, team morale, and on-time delivery. But they can be defeated. Here are three diabolical demons that could be haunting your office, plus three secret weapons to help you vanquish them once and for all. 1. Frankenstein Systems Are you trying to patch together way too many disparate systems to keep on... Read More

Request Management on a Creative Services Team: How to Kill Request Chaos

The process of receiving new work requests (often called the “intake process”) is where the corporate creative workflow starts, and sadly, it’s often where order and visibility end. For an in-house creative services team, random requests can come from anywhere in the company at any time—HR wants a new employee flyer, marketing needs a web banner designed, sales wants you to create some cool graphics for a presentation. And they come at you in every conceivable way: phone calls, emails, taps on the shoulder, or scribbled on a sticky note. As the requests pile up, your team quickly falls into reactive mode,... Read More

What Is Project Management: An A to Z Guide

Humans have made some remarkable achievements during our time on the earth. We built the Great Pyramids. We landed on the moon. We invented self-driving cars. These technical advancements would not have been possible without thousands of people working together toward a common goal. In fact, each of them required some form of project management to succeed. But what is project management? Project management is a word we hear often in the workplace, but we may not have a clear understanding of it beyond the obvious: “It’s managing projects, right?” That answer is not entirely wrong, of course. Unfortunately, the term... Read More

What it Takes to be an Amazing Creative Project Manager

Project management has likely always been around, but came into its own in the 1950s as it became an established discipline. Then in the 1960s, both Europe and the United States established organizations to help guide and teach methodologies around project management, and PM was on a roll. In the ensuing decades, PM found a warm and cozy home in engineering teams of all kinds, from construction to software and everything between. Most organizations understood that they couldn’t have successful projects—and I’ll define success as “on time, on budget and on scope”—without having a project manager leading the process. Many other areas... Read More

Busted: Five Common Task Management Myths

Most of us have either participated in or overheard a conversation in the workplace that went something like this: Tyler: What are you working on right now? Jamie: A project for my boss. He asked me to archive these files. What’s wrong with this line of dialogue? Angie’s answer demonstrates a commonly held misconception. People often assume that they are working on a project, when in reality they are working on a task. The difference is subtle, but significant. A task is typically defined as a piece of work assigned or done as part of one’s duties; it is often a tedious or... Read More

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