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Is Agile Right For Me? A Q&A Session With a Workfront Product Manager

Agile work processes are top of mind for many marketing and enterprise teams now, but several questions remain: Is Agile right for me and my team? How do I know? How do I start the process to transition to an Agile team? Am I able to adopt Agile in phases or do I have to prepare to adopt everything at the same time? We recently had a chance to chat with one of our product managers, Nick McCleery, about how Workfront can help teams adopt Agile in a way that suits them - without requiring an “all or nothing” investment in the overhead required... Read More

Workfront-Adobe Integration is a Big Win for Creative Teams

Working with a dozen browser tabs and applications open, endlessly toggling back and forth among them, is not the most efficient way to get things done. Not only does it slow down your computer, it can also tax your mental focus. Software integration to the rescue. When two companies that provide separate but complementary services decide to team up, everyone wins—especially the customer. And Workfront’s newest integration with Adobe Experience Manager and Creative Cloud is a big win for creative teams. MarketingCloud41, an industry blog that focuses on solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud, recently reported: “Despite the amazing tools available in... Read More

4 Takeaways From the Leap 2016 Opening Session

Welcome to Leap 2016! We’re in Orlando for 3 ½ fabulous days with about 1,000 customers, partners, and employees to network, learn, and become better users of Workfront. We officially kicked off Leap with a great party on Monday night, and then welcomed all of the attendees with our first general session on Tuesday morning, featuring presentations from top Workfront executives and an inspiring address from Richard Phillips (of Captain Phillips fame). Suffice it to say, the first session was chock-full of great moments, words of wisdom, and reveals. For those unable to attend and not wanting to sift through a... Read More

Workfront User Conference Preview: Q&A with Chris Savoie

With our LEAP user conference coming to Florida next week, enjoy this quick Q&A with Workfront's director of product strategy, Chris Savoie, who will be presenting three sessions. Going into the Leap user conference this year, what are you most excited about? I'm really excited about two things in particular: I want to learn new ways customers are using Workfront to make their businesses better. I look forward to receiving feedback on the concepts we have planned for the future of the Workfront product. Can you give us a teaser for what you'll be presenting this year? One session is a wonderful demonstration on how... Read More

Workfront User Conference Preview: Q&A with Jackie Schaffer

With our Leap user conference just around the corner, enjoy this quick Q&A with Cella Consulting vice president and general manager, Jackie Schaffer, who is one of our presenters. Going into the Leap user conference this year, what are you most excited about? Warm weather and three nights of uninterrupted sleep! That aside, I am really excited to learn what Workfront will unveil this year. Last year included some very exciting announcements of enhancements that Cella’s clients were really interested in. I am hoping this year has a few of those again—Workfront is really listening and responding to what our industry wants... Read More

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