Celadon Case Study


Celadon Group, Inc. 

Transportation network


Indianapolis, IN


  • Transitioning to Agile marketing
  • Time-consuming, manual request queue
  • Reactive processes


  • Complete work 20–25% faster
  • 50% fewer status meetings
  •  25% reduction in rework

Celadon Marketing and Creative Services Team Adopts Workfront Agile Capabilities to Improve Flexibility and Responsiveness

Agile View in the Workfront Work Management solution helps marketing team improve project transparency and complete work 20–25% faster.

Agile marketing is a modern, iterative approach to work management that enables creative professionals to be more transparent and adaptive to change. In practice, Agile helps marketing teams establish clear priorities, pivot more easily, and deliver faster.

To address a steady increase in work request volume with less capacity, the Celadon marketing, and creative services team accelerated its transition to Agile with the Agile marketing capabilities in Workfront. Today, Celadon marketers and creatives complete work 20–25% faster, reducing rework by 25% and cutting meeting time in half.