Dean Health Case Study

Dean Health

Dean Health Systems

Health Care

400 Beds Madison, Wisconsin


  • Requests were often lost
  • No way to track the progress of requests
  • Duplication of efforts, lack of communication, inconsistent processes
  • Lack of visibility compromised trust between groups


  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Improved visibility for improved resource management and better work-life balance
  • Quality of work improved and fostered a higher level of trust between the team and their customers

The Business Intelligence team at Dean Health Systems provides services to the system’s more than 60 clinics and affiliate hospitals and a health insurance entity. When staff members used to make requests to the team, the requestors would often felt like their requests had disappeared into a black hole. They had no way of knowing if anyone had actually received the requests or if any action had been taken on their requests. They had no ability to monitor request progress. That lack of visibility into the request progress often created a barrier of trust between the groups doing the work and their customers.

However, the problem ran deeper than just the lack of visibility into request monitoring. Without a set of unified project management tools, Joyce Szymberski’s team of Business Intelligence project managers didn’t have visibility into what other team members were working on. That lack of visibility often led to duplication of effort, lack of communication, inconsistent workflow processes, and inability to effectively measure performance.

As one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in the U.S., the complex organizational structure of Dean Health Systems further complicated matters. Dean Health System has different entities for medical and health services, health insurance services, clinical research, education, and other ancillary services, such as therapy, pharmaceutical, optical, aesthetic surgery, and more. In order to empower her team to better serve the needs of her internal customers and the organization as a whole, Joyce knew they needed one solution that would completely makeover the way they managed, organized, and delivered their work.