How tomorrow's top leaders get stuff done.

Work is getting whipsawed. Teams are geographically distributed, digital strategies are shattering organizational hierarchies, competition is multi-directional, and digital natives are overturning company long-time norms. Work today needs new leaders to rise up to achieve the extraordinary.

“Accept that if you strive for the extraordinary, you will not always succeed. But also accept that you don’t become great at getting extraordinary work done by avoiding risk, surprises, or mistakes.”

Done Right pulls from over 30 original interviews with experienced leaders across a variety of industries to show how tomorrow’s leaders can effectively navigate the modern workforce. It explores how to:

> Motivate your team to achieve the work you lead
> Determine the best next step for every situation
> Learn where to focus your time and attention
> Discover the best way to deal with “stuff out of left field”
> Measure what really counts

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