Case Study

Draeger Medical Case Study

Needing The Right Tool

In 2008, Claudia had been charged with building a professional services organization at Draeger Medical, a manufacturer of medical devices, to install and configure their products for customers, but she was facing significant hurdles. First, her five project managers were distributed throughout the U.S. and had not received actual project management training. Second, the team was using notepads and MS Project, with only five to ten lines per project to follow milestones.

This provided Claudia with little of the visibility she needed to effectively manage her team. Unable to see how all of their projects lined up, the project managers usually found themselves taking on too many projects at once and, as a result, missing their deadlines. To make matters worse, PM’s would update their projects after the fact with inaccurate, incomplete data. This made it virtually impossible to see what was holding projects back or how late they were, track on-time metrics, or report progress to management.


  • Team was distributed across the US and did not have adequate training

  • Existing PM tools were outdated and ineffective.

  • Lack of visibility caused the team to be over- extended the team, often missing deadlines


  • On-time rating increased 125% in 24 months

  • Centralized reporting improved intelligence for the geographically dispersed team

  • Easy to change templates made it possible for PMs to adjust processes to meet customer needs

  • Enhanced visibility improved workload balance

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