Is your marketing team dealing with constant fire drills? Are they constantly bombarded with random work requests? With all of the chaos of marketing work, it’s time for some guidance.

Finding a tool that can reduce chaos at work is critical to marketing success. The trick is choosing the right tool that will work for you and your team.

This guide contains:

  • 5 outcomes of dealing with work chaos (they’re not good)
  • 4 of the biggest marketing work inefficiencies
  • 3 elements of the right structure / tool
  • Checklist of what to look for when comparing tools

Use this buyer’s guide to help you consider important features when investing in a marketing work management tool to help your marketing team work more efficiently.

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There are a number of essential components to consider when investing in a marketing work management solution. To make it easier, use this comparison chart for evaluating up to 3 project or work management tools you may be considering.