EMEA NAS: Effectively Implementing Remote Working at Scale

The rapidly changing circumstances of work have caused businesses to quickly scramble to manage risk, and figure out how to quickly pivot from historical ways of working to instead support prolonged remote working at scale. With how fast things are changing, it's tempting to think that conferencing and messaging tools can bear the brunt of this change, but the reality is that prolonged and mass remote working affects the dynamics around work that remote conversations don't solve. The danger is that with serious disruption, companies will resort to quick fixes where instead, a long-term rethinking of work needs to take place, along with the right tools to keep employees focused, aligned and engaged in this new world.

In this webinar, you'll hear from Chris Marsh, Analyst with 451 Research, as he explores five key challenges businesses face now, and how to overcome them with the right technology and strategy.

From this webinar you will take away:

> How to manage a dynamic external environment
> Best practices for keeping your workforce productive and engaged
> How to make the shift to the "new world of work"
> The best tooling strategy to provide visibility and trackability to work
> How to best manage competitive disruptions amid a changing workforce

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