Engaging 5 Generations In The Future Workplace




We’ve heard a lot about Millennials over the past decade, but there’s a new generation coming to your workforce—two of them, actually. While managers are learning to manage the digital natives in Generation Z, there is also an undercurrent of technology that is getting more intelligent and running more of your business. What does that mean for managers coaching and training 5 generations simultaneously?

Watch this webinar featuring Steven ZoBell, Alan Lepofsky, and Jeanne Meister to learn how people, process and technology will change in the future workplace and what you need to do to prepare for the onslaught. You will learn:

  • What knowledge worker jobs will be able to be automated via AI?
  • What roles will automation tools play in eliminating shadow work and how will that affect productivity?
  • What skill sets will be most valued in the future economy?
  • How managers can maximize on flexible work hours, while still ensuring the right work is getting done.

About the presenters

““Jeanne Meister

Jeanne Meister

Partner | Future Workplace

Jeanne Meister is the Founding Partner of Future Workplace, a firm dedicated to re-thinking, re-imagining and re-inventing the workplace. She is the author of The 2020 Workplace, a contributing author to Forbes Magazine, and the recipient of the Distinguished Contribution in Workplace Learning Award. In 2015, Glassdoor named Jeanne to the top 50 Influencers in Corporate Human Resources and Recruiting list.

““Alan Lepofsky

Alan Lepofsky

VP and Principal Analyst | Constellation Research

With almost two decades of experience in the collaboration software industry, Alan Lepofsky helps organizations improve the way their employees work together to get their jobs done. Lepofsky’s primary research area, The Future of Work, focuses on: integrating collaboration and business processes (Purposeful Collaboration), structuring work via Social Task Management, leveraging analytics and digital assistants to work more productively, the strategic impact of mobile computing on business transformation, and measuring workforce culture based on Digital Proficiency instead of age.

““Steven ZoBell

Steven ZoBell

Chief Product & Technology Officer | Workfront

As Chief Product & Technology Officer for Workfront, Steve leads the Workfront engineering, platform hosting and operations organizations as they develop the company’s purpose-built work management solutions for marketing and IT teams. Steve brings more than 20 years of product development, software engineering and business management experience to Workfront. Prior to Workfront, he was the Chief Product and Technology Officer at ADP AdvancedMD, and the Chief Technology Officer for inContact. During the course of his career, Steve has also been involved in the development of more than 25 award-winning commercial software products.