Engaging 5 Generations In The Future Workplace


We’ve heard a lot about Millennials over the past decade, but there’s a new generation coming to your workforce—two of them, actually. While managers are learning to manage the digital natives in Generation Z, there is also an undercurrent of technology that is getting more intelligent and running more of your business. What does that mean for managers coaching and training 5 generations simultaneously?

Watch this webinar featuring Steven ZoBell, Alan Lepofsky, and Jeanne Meister to learn how people, process and technology will change in the future workplace and what you need to do to prepare for the onslaught. You will learn:

  • What knowledge worker jobs will be able to be automated via AI?
  • What roles will automation tools play in eliminating shadow work and how will that affect productivity?
  • What skill sets will be most valued in the future economy?
  • How managers can maximize on flexible work hours, while still ensuring the right work is getting done.


Jeanne Meister headshot

Jeanne Meister

Future Workplace
Alan Lepofsky headshot

Alan Lepofsky

VP and Principal Analyst
Constellation Research
Steven ZoBell headshot

Steven ZoBell

Chief Product and Technology Officer