It’s a catch-22 that in today’s tough economic environment when companies should be investing in efficiency and effectiveness they struggle to do so. It can be hard for IT managers to compete for dollars with other departments to win funding for important initiatives like Enterprise Work Management (EWM).

This whitepaper will help you develop an effective business case for EWM. It includes detailed examples of the type of ROI expected and how it will be achieved.

Key points covered include:

  • Managing work in today’s complex environment
  • Common solutions and why they fail
  • Benefits of an EWM solution
  • High cost of doing nothing or implementing a less effective solution
  • Leveraging an EWM solution to increase efficiencies and effectiveness

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“In assessing the types of solutions enterprises employ to manage projects, it’s clear why there is across-the-board dissatisfaction in project management solutions. Traditional tools focus only on managing one aspect of work, not the entire end-to-end work lifecycle. According to PMP Research, 76% of companies say their biggest priority is to improve the visibility and awareness of projects across the organization. Yet, the typical solutions outlined above do little to deliver the global visibility companies need.”