GM Financial Case Study

by Kyna Baker
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GM Financial Case Study Cover

GM Financial

Financial Services

Fort Worth, Texas


• Fast-paced growth

• Optimizing collaboration

• Complete project visibility


• Half-day saving with automated reports

• Reduction in onboarding time, from a

month to a week

• Greater visibility

• Improved collaboration

Workfront's flexibility enables us to do everything we need to do to fulfill our vision of greater work collaboration and transparency. Now we are pushing optimized processes organization-wide for better, keener insights that further enhance productivity.
– Cynthia Boon, AVP, Customer Experience Administration, GM

Change introduces opportunity that can further competitive advantage. GM Financial deployed Workfront to keep up with highspeed marketing growth while boosting executional excellence. Leaders and project teams across the business rely on Workfront as a single operational system of record providing visibility into and enhancing collaboration across hundreds of projects a year. GM Financial is the wholly owned captive finance subsidiary of General Motors, delivering auto finance solutions globally. GM Financial has more than 9,000 employees and serves 14,000 dealers worldwide.

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