Driving digital transformation: How Healthgrades streamlined processes and increased efficiencies to drive their business.


  • Multiple office locations around the world 
  • Digital transformation underway
  • Wanted to increase efficiency with reviews and approval 


  • $28,960 saved annually in backup coverage by enabling users to see what others are working on and making it easier to batch re-assign tasks.
  • 40% reduction in production errors year over year.
  • $330k total savings annually in people hour
Healthgrades provides trusted information about physicians and hospitals so that consumers and providers can make more meaningful connections. In addition, the company supports more than 1500 hospitals and 400 health systems as they cultivate new relationships, improve patient access, and build brand recognition and customer loyalty.
As part of their ongoing efforts to deliver the highest quality work to their clients and streamline internal processes, Healthgrades partnered with Workfront to deliver an integrated digital proofing and project management solution.

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