On-demand webinar

How to Build a Marketing System of Record


Linnie Ciepielowski
Project Manager, Marketing Technology
Melissa Harvey
Melissa Harvey
Adobe Workfront
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Exceptional marketers ready to lead the comeback in 2021 need to innovate faster, and be able to quickly pivot budget, resources and plans when the company or strategic direction changes.

With a Marketing System of Record, all work can be visible, trackable and actionable, allowing you to create end-to-end processes for any contingency. That way, when things change, your organization can change with it.

In this webinar, join Linnie Ciepielowski, Project Manager at Esri, and Melissa Harvey, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Workfront as they demonstrate four key reasons a Marketing System of Record can bring greater efficiency and consistency to creative work and marketing campaigns, while allowing your team to prove their value.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of data and reporting for critical decision making
  • How to develop end-to-end processes for marketing work
  • How Esri quickly pivoted when everything changed around them without skipping a beat
  • The right KPIs for marketing work success
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