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How Lumen and Adobe Use the Power of Work Management to Create Great Marketing


Creighton McEwen
Creighton McEwen
Group Studio Manager
Shane Labounty
Shane LaBounty
Creative Operations Leader
Lumen + Adobe

2020 has been all about quick pivots, iterating on the fly, and attempting to communicate and collaborate in real-time. For Lumen, a global provider of network infrastructure, cloud connectivity, voice, and collaboration, when the effects of 2020 hit, they were able to quickly pivot to new priorities, including a global company rebrand from CenturyLink to Lumen. For the creative team at Adobe, how they manage and deliver work has had to become an agile, iterative process that enables them to be more responsive to stakeholders and their changing needs.­­In this webinar, join Shane LaBounty, Creative Operations Leader at newly branded Lumen, and Creighton McEwen, Group Studio Manager at Adobe, as they detail how their respective creative teams have become more impactful and creative than ever by focusing on “the basics” of work management: process, executing the right work, and effective collaboration.­­You’ll learn:

  • The importance of focusing on how work gets done
  • How Lumen and Adobe use the Adobe Experience Manager connector with Workfront to manage their work and marketing assets
  • How key integrations power creative team’s end-to-end digital strategy
  • How to use capacity and resource planning powered by data, enabling your creative team to make the right decisions
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