How to Optimize Your Process So You Can Be More Creative

If you’re like most creative teams, you lack the time to focus on your core job: being creative. According to research, workers like you only dedicate 40% of their day to the job they were hired to do. The rest of the time? Meetings, requests, lengthy review and approval processes, rework, and burning the midnight oil suck up any remaining energy in an effort to hit deadlines. There’s little time left to produce the impactful, creative work you’re known for.

Join Jackie Schaffer, VP at Cella, and Brent Bird, Director of Integrated Marketing at Workfront, for an insightful webinar as they review key takeaways from the 2019 In-House Creative Industry Report. You’ll find out how your team measures up and gain actionable insights from over 425 creative leaders on how to:

> Retain top talent and prevent team burnout
> Streamline your workflows to reclaim time for creativity
> Better manage requests and resources to get more done
> Empower creative ops managers for greater efficiency, accountability, and results

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Jackie Schaffer headshot

Jackie Schaffer

Vice President
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Brent Bird

Director, Integrated Programs