IEHP Case Study

by Kyna Baker
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IEHP Case Study Preview

Inland Empire Health Plan 


Rancho Cucamonga, California 


  • Inefficient, manual processes 
  • Email-based collaboration 
  • Disconnected communications 


  • Reduced ergonomic assessment processing time from 4 weeks to 24 hours 
  • 500%+ improvement in ability to deliver on SLA 
  • 15–20% efficiency in marketing 
  • Increased insight and visibility 
  • Increased accountability 
  • 90–95% reduction in asset discovery time 
  • More productive meetings 
  • Breaking down organizational silos 
  • More empowered employees 

Workfront bridges work team silos, enabling health plan departments to reduce time, improve abilities to meet SLAs, and increase efficiency. 


While other healthcare organizations talk about optimizing processes, Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) has taken significant steps to achieve results. Process improvement is part of IEHP's culture. Embracing Lean methodologies and using Workfront to reduce paper and connect siloed teams, IEHP is continuously transforming manual processes into more efficient and productive ways to work. 

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